Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Log 4-23-12 to 4-29-12

Monday: 0 - second day off in a row.  This was planned before getting sick yesterday.  Still sick today. 

Tuesday: 11 miles - Saunderstown roads (4M) and Rome Point trails (7M) alone.  Feeling better today, my plan was to run the hills of Saunderstown and maybe jump on the trails of Camp Nokewa.  Instantly my body didn't feel 100% and I wasn't sure if I needed to stop running right away.  I ran down Plum Point Rd and then ran up the steep long hill.  It felt harder than usual, but when I checked my watch, I was just as fast if not faster than ever.  So, I continued down the road and due to the strong wind, I opted to run in the woods at Rome Point for shelter.  Very quiet in there, and I only ran the trails I wanted to - I didn't have the need to grab every mile I could.  I popped out about 7 miles later and then ran back to my car on the roads.  This included the Rte 1A hill and Plum Point Rd again.  Total time: 1:21:33. 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Again, I didn't stick to my plan.  I was going to do a 10 mile road tempo run, but my body didn't seem up for it yet.  Figuring I could do something fast on Thursday or Friday, I drove to Ryan and parked at the ball fields.  I cut out some of the more boring sections in the beginning and end, but stuck to my 5 mile routine on the trails around the fields.  My pace seemed pretty good, but I couldn't really tell.  I ran the railbed hard for 5 minutes on the way back.  Total time: 65:21. 

Thursday: 10 miles - TriPond & Spring Forward trails and South County bike path solo.  Today I couldn't decide what sounded fun, and then I came up with this plan: park at TriPond Park on 108, run to the Spring Forward course and then hammer it (2 miles), continue on the bike path towards Genesee Swamp throwing in a couple mile repeats to/from (and stop to check for birds), find the trail around California Jim's Pond before returning to my car.  I executed this plan pretty well.  I ran the rooty bog bridge trail faster than ever, took it easy on the bike path, and then got to work on the Spring Forward course (beginning at the muddy spot).  I was running pretty hard, but didn't feel fast - but I guess that's how I felt when I raced it.  I finished up in 13:31 - a couple of seconds faster per mile than when I raced it, except then I did 4 laps.  I continued west on the bike path feeling tired and hot.  My plan was to run the next mile after crossing South Road, but this took a while.  I eventually found it and ran hard, again not feeling fast.  I was happy to see the 5:41.  I turned around and jogged back to Genesee Swamp.  I stopped and checked out the wildlife, sweating profusely.  Once I got going again I noticed that I was running into the wind now.  I also saw half mile markings on the bike path and decided to continue a reverse ladder and run a 800.  This wasn't fun into the wind, and it was all slightly uphill, so I wasn't upset with the 2:50.  Someone has also marked one side by quarter miles, so I ran the next one I came to: 83.  Again into the wind and uphill.  I was so wiped out I briefly stopped to regroup.  I then shuffled my way back toward the TriPond trails.  I did one more interval for about a quarter mile on a twisty section.  I picked up the narrow and faint at times trail around California Jim's Pond, which was longer and more interesting than I thought.  I backtracked briefly on the bike path and then finished on the crazy trail I began with, feeling tired and happy.  I'm glad I could make running fun today! Total time: 1:11:46. 

Friday: 6 miles - Crawley Preserve loops with Jon.  I headed over to Usquepaug to check out Jon's new house and then we head out for a run in the nearby Crawley Preserve.  Right away this place wasn't what I expected.  For some reason I was thinking flat and open, but instead it was hill and woods.  Basically it's on the side of a hill - one mile up and one mile down.  It's never steep, and it takes a minute or two before you realize that you're out of breath.  I ran two laps with Jon and then tackled one more by myself.  Not the biggest place, but really nice.  Total time: 48:45. 

Saturday: 13+ miles - roads solo to Grills Preserve trails with the usual Saturday morning crew plus Mike B.  Since the guys were racing on Sunday, today's run was only going to be about an hour.  They also were going to start late at 6:30 so I opted to run the 4.75 miles of roads from my house to meet them.  I was going too fast because of fear I would be late and I clocked in at the 3 mile mark of very hill roads at 7:04 pace.  The group run was slower, but still pretty peppy.  My legs were feeling good, even climbing up Big Hill.  I talked them into one shorter loop which went by Big Rock.  We ran the roads back to their cars where I was feeling too lazy to run home so I begged Muddy for a ride.  Total time: 1:39.  Evening hike with my wife in Carter Preserve - field loop and powerline trail. 

Sunday: 4 miles: Burlingame trail loop with my wife.  We ran a fun loop down to the pond and back from the bottom Shumankanuc Hill Rd.  At one point she asked me what that side trail was.  "Ssh - it's a secret"....  Untimed. 

Overall:  It was good to mix it up a bit this week from the usual runs.  Fun, busy weekend. 
Weekly Total: 53 miles
Last Week: 62 miles
Year to Date: 930 miles

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekly Log 4-16-12 to 4-22-12

Monday: 9 miles in two runs.  5 miles - Ryan Park trails at lunch.  86 degrees - hot and dry.  I was planning on 10, but work got in the way, but I was happy to keep it short in the heat.  Cool wildlife sightings: a black racer swallowing a baby garter snake whole, and a woodcock one step away from me.  4 miles - Burlingame trails with my wife in the late afternoon.  A nice relaxing run down to Watchaug Pond and back (loop).  It felt much cooler and the slow pace was welcomed. 

Tuesday: 9 miles in two runs.  4 miles - home trails in the morning before traveling to NH.  I was sweating like crazy on this hilly, twisty, technical workout.  I created a lap that includes a loop then another in reverse that was taking me between 4:22 - 4:29 to complete.  I have no idea what my true pace is, but this type of workout wipes me out.  5 miles - Stoddard, NH dirt road loop with Greg.  We were short on time and energy, but it was nice to get a run in with my brother.  We ran the roads around my parents neighborhood which includes a very long uphill. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - CHS track workout alone.  After a busy day in NH including a family hike on the Trout'N'Bacon Trail, I was able to slip out after dinner for a run.  I drove to the CHS track and planned the following: 4x400 8x200 4x400.  The weather was overcast and chilly, but great for running.  I had the track to myself until the end when another 30 something year old with a shaved head showed up.  I ran a mile warmup (7:37) and then got to work.  My expectation was to be slightly above 80 for the 400's and high 30's for the 200's, but I wasn't sure what would happen since my legs were slightly sore and fatigued.  The results: 81/82/83/82 38/38/38/37/37/37/38/35 83/79/81/79 all with 200 rest.  I was really happy.  The first 400's felt in control.  I felt fast on the 200's, and I was surprised I could keep up the pace for all of them (cranked the last one).  I felt the burn on the last 400's and also my form was beginning to waver.  Hopefully, this sort of workout will make me faster.  It was fun, if not a tad lonely. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Nice day.  Tired legs.  I ran the easier 5 miles first, and then decided to tack on the harder side.  I never felt great, but it's hard to not run on a beautiful day like this.  Total time: 1:19:37. 

Friday: 11 miles - Calf Pasture Point roads, trails, and beach and Mt View, Quidnesset, Potowamut roads alone.  A bit of exploration today on flat terrain.  I wasn't excited about running anywhere, but again I couldn't resist the fantastic weather.  I began by running around Calf Pasture Point - incredibly windy on the beach.  I hopped onto the roads of Mount View, and decided to explore the shoreline to the north.  I ran into a roadblock of a large stream (it looks big on Google Earth, but almost jumpable today).  Even if I got my feet wet, I couldn't get too much further - the shoreline ends with rock cliffs.  I turned around and fought through the headwind and back onto the relative shelter of the roads.  I ran past Fletcher Road (the usual road I take) and then went right onto Forge Rd.  Some spots are really scenic, but way too much traffic with no shoulder for my taste.  I popped out onto the main road to Goddard - maybe I'll explore there some other day.  I turned left and then left again onto Potowamut Road.  The road begins and ends in residential neighborhoods, but the middle is wooded with views of the Potowamut Resevoir.  I followed Potter Road back to the bike path and then to my car.  Tired legs again, but a decent run.  Total time: 1:27:00. 

Saturday: 16 miles - Hopkinton roads and trails with Muddy and Tom.  We met up at Exit 1 at the usual 6AM start.  Plenty of light, although it was foggy and muggy.  My legs were feeling fatigued from a busy week of running and my glassed kept clouding up, but this run was great.  We ran Rte 3, and then up North Road to the Canonchet Brook Preserve.  We wandered around there, and at one point near the old dump we ran by a large flat-topped rock that may be the one my brothers and I used to climb when we were kids.  My dad would park at the dump and then we'd hike in the woods.  We then ran down Stubtown Road to Ashville Pond where we ran the yellow dot trail.  It was fun running by the pond I learned to swim in.  I also remember fishing, canoeing here.  This trail may be my new favorite.  I remember hiking it once with my dad when I was like 6 years old and there being treacherous ice at spots.  The trail is tight and twisty, and mostly uphill.  It's extremely scenic, especially the mountain laurel jungles.  We popped out onto Canonchet Road and then looped back around North Road.  Before heading back, we entered the Long Pond - Ell Pond trail and ran (more like scrambled, slipped, and hiked) our way to the Long Pond overlook.  After a brief pause, we backtracked to the road, which for a while is dirt (much welcomed).  After the road became pavement, I could have stopped there, but I tried to stick with my partners.  Tom pushed the last mile.  Total time: 2:01. 

Sunday: 0 - rest day.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours outside in the morning doing yardwork.  It was not nice spending the afternoon and night with body aches and chills.  Hopefully just a quick 24hr thing my son had earlier in the week. 

Overall: Fun week.  Two trips up north with plenty of running sprinkled in.  Still recovering Monday, so I'll take another zero.  Pack on the miles later. 

Weekly Total: 62 miles
Last Week: 49 miles
Year to Date: 877 miles

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Log 4-9-12 to 4-15-12

Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I seem to be turning this run into a new routine workout.  I began slowly starting from the ballfields, then picked it up on the railbed.  I then do an outer and inner loop of awesome trails around the field at an aggressive pace.  I finish by almost sprinting the railbed and the remaining technical single track.  Total time: 1:11:23.  Interesting sighting: a middle-aged couple straight out of a Cialis commercial holding hands and hugging right at the side trail I needed to turn on to, the aptly named P***s Trail (due to some prominent grafitti).  Hilarious. 

Tuesday: 9.5 miles - Rome Point trails and beach with Dan.  My legs were tired, but Dan was fresh after a few days off.  I told him I needed about 45 minutes to warm up, and to go whatever pace he wanted.  He stuck with me for a while and then opened it up on the hill and beach.  We ran into a roadblock at the tidal stream as the tide was extremely high.  We decided to keep our feet dry and turn around.  As we ran the beach back we noticed a naked man sunbathing facing away from the water.  Odd.  This lead to lively conversation after we were out of ear-shot.  After climbing the hill, I finally loosened up enough to keep up with Dan.  We ran at a good pace for the final couple of miles.  Total time: 1:10:25.

Wednesday: 9.5 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  I spent some time trying to figure out a route that sounded appealing, and decided to park at the upper Oak Hill Rd lot to run some trails and then explore some new roads.  Upon arriving at the parking lot, I saw Dan who was just about to head out on a run.  I opted to stick with him and just see what he came up with.  My legs felt more tired than yesterday so it was nice to go at a very easy pace.  We did almost four miles of fun technical singletrack and then headed for the railbed to loop around the pond.  The even terrain was welcomed, but my legs were not feeling better.  Finally after an hour, I didn't feel as bad, and we finished up the run on more fun trails.  Total time: 1:18:xx. 

Thursday: 0 - needed rest day.  Short hike around Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge in NK.  Brought my binocs, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. 

Friday: 15 miles - Quonset Bike Path warm up and workout with long Mt. View roads cooldown with some beach mixed in alone.  Combination workout/long run that was not planned, but I had the chance to get this in and the weather was fantastic - sunny and 60 degrees.  I ran the length of the bike path as a warm up (about 2.5 miles) and then planned on a 4x1 mile at PR 5K pace (5:51).  This was sort of based on a workout I read about in Runner's World.  They recommended 3x1600 at 5K pace for an upcoming 10K race.  I don't have any races planned, but I hope to do a couple of more Red Rooster Rambler 5 Milers soon.  As I ran my warm up I was having trouble envisioning doing this workout.  I wasn't feeling motivated.  But, I willed myself to get it done.  Results: 5:49/5:48/5:50/5:50 with 2:30-3:00 minute rests between .  Super pleased - I have trouble running fast miles on this bike path and it felt like there was a headwind in every direction.  I found myself running the first 800 controlled (all 2:57 or 2:58) and then stepping it up for the second half.  I wasn't sure I would do the 4th since I beat my target the first 3.  My cooldown began on the bike path and then I crossed over to Fletcher Rd.  Once I do that, there's no short way back to my car.  My feet were sore and my pace was slow, but I enjoyed myself.  Once I reached Calf Pasture Point beach, I decided to run out to the point, but I got stuck at the tidal stream (too high to jump).  I turned around and ran the pavement back to my car.  Total time: 1:51:13. 

Saturday: 3 miles - trail loops around my house with my kids running and watching.  This was just a way to get some energy out before a long car ride up to Maine.  I ran a loop that included a steep hill, and the trails in general are twisty and technical.  I was sweating profusely for the 23 minutes I ran.  The afternoon consisted of a trip to a playground in Portland before heading out to Cape Elizabeth for rock hopping, climbing, and skipping, tidepooling, and eating dinner outside at the Lobster Shack.

Sunday: 2 miles in two runs.  The first was in the Fore River Sanctuary in Portland.  We hiked with our friends in this preserve.  I was happy to have my binoculars with me to check out the birds in the marshes (great egret, yellowlegs) and in the forest (hermit? thrushes, palm warblers).  The trail was extremely scenic and a good hike for 4 young kids.  We made it out to Jewell Falls (more impressive than we anticipated).   The problem was that it was hot and the kids were not going to make it back to the car without it being a whiny disaster.  So, I got the chance to run back to the car and pick them up at a nearby road.  I wasn't dressed that appropriately, but I ran rather fast and it was really fun.  The second run was in the dark up Mt Tom in Arcadia for Tim's bachelor party.  After eating at and wandering around Mohegan Sun, I was able to talk everybody into going for a walk.  Ed and I ran up Mt Tom while the rest walked.  I was surprised with how my lungs felt - it was really humid and warm - felt like summer.  At the ledges we watched the planets and stars come into view - good looks at Venus and Mars.  A little more running on the way down. 

Overall: I missed the Clamdigger, but had a really fun weekend with the family and friends.  Less miles than normal, but a good week.  I'm looking forward to another mid-week family trip to NH. 

Weekly Total: 49 miles
Last Week: 60 miles
Year to Date: 815 miles

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Log 4-2-12 to 4-8-12

Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park and Feurer Park trails alone.  After my disappointing 5K the day before and dealing with work stress, I ran aggressively today.  I continue to do a poor job packing clothes for running, and was left with just a t-shirt and shorts in the windy, mid 40's degree weather.  I immediately ran fast enough to warm up and my legs felt fine.  I recover so quickly from races now which is a nice sign - just wish I ran them faster!   I worked my way down to the railbed and decided to mix things up today.  I went left and crossed Lafayette Rd and entered Feurer Park.  I do this a couple of times a year - the area is kind of small and littered with 4x4 trails.  I wandered around for a while, following a promising side trail that ended at a sketchy house.  I turned around and meandered some more before jumping back over to Ryan Park.  I did the outer loop and then two more shorter zigzag ones.  My pace got faster and faster and I was feeling a lot better about my running than I did yesterday.  Total time: 1:12:18.  This may have been longer than 10. 

Tuesday: 11 miles - "Tri Parks" trails with bike path and some roads alone.  I wanted to mix it up again today.  I parked at the lot for Tri Pond Park on 108.  I ran the rooty bog bridge trail out to the bike path.  My legs felt sluggish and I was rather uncoordinated on this technical trail.  I ran the bike path up to the Spring Forward course and jumped onto the trail at the muddy section.  I ran the two mile loop crossing paths with two other fast looking runners I didn't recognize.  Although my legs were tired, it was nice to run this course at a leisurely pace (15:20 for the two miles).  I briefly ran on the bike path until I found the side trail that leads to California Jim's Pond.  I looped around some different trails making sure to hit the hilly ones before spilling back out onto the bike path.  I was 35 minutes in, and looking for more.  I continued on the bike path until I reached Peace Dale, where I ran the sidewalks to Old Mountain Field.  I then ran the Old Mtn 5K course.  My tired legs were feeling more tired, but I was having fun.  I completed the course in about 25 minutes and then headed back to my car via roads and the bike path, before ending with a half loop around the smallest pond.  Total time: 1:23:44.  Fun course on a really nice day. 

Wednesday: 0 - true rest day

Thursday: 14 miles - 7 miles Rome Point trails and beach with Dan in the afternoon.  Nice and easy shake out (54:30).  I felt loose and relaxed afterwards leading up to a night race - Red Rooster Ramble 5 Mile Road Race with Mike, Muddy, and Jeff.  We met up in Wakefield for the cross state journey to Warren.  We got stuck in rush hour traffic in Providence, so we didn't have much time for a warm up (about a mile).  This is the 14th year of the series, and it was cool to see that you get a lifetime bib number.  Looking at some results from last year, it appeared that there is usually a good crowd of runners, and fast ones too.  I was hoping to go sub 30 on this flat course, but I would be happy with anything sub 31.  I was glad that Jeff would be there, figuring we would be near each other (Mike and Muddy would be further up front).  The temperature was a tad chilly, but perfect for running.  There was just a head wind to deal with the first half of the race.  At the start, I tried to keep it under control, but was still near the front, behind Mike, some other guy, Muddy, and Diana D.  Jeff soon joined me and we ran side by side.  Most of the first mile was on a bike path and our split was 5:58.  I was happy that I didn't overdue it, but it still felt hard.  We continued into the wind along a seemingly endless road.  Jeff and I were still side by side, but the leaders were gradually pulling away.  The second mile was my slowest - 6:06, and felt hard.  Finally, we turned left (still into the wind), but soon after we turned left again and had the wind at our backs.  Jeff started to gazelle down a slight hill and I fell a couple of steps behind.  He told me to stick with him, which I did.  For a second I debated just holding back and slowing down as I was tired of working so hard.  The third mile was 6:02.  We continued on this road for another mile, and ticked off our fasted mile yet - 5:57.  It seemed that we had a shot at sneaking under 30 minutes if we could muster a fast last mile.  I picked up the pace and almost missed a sharp left turn onto the bike path.  Jeff was still with me, but soon after he dropped off the pace and told me to keep it up.  I tried to keep up the fast pace, glancing at my watch to see if I was close to the finish line.  Eventually, I saw a bunch of cones and hoped that meant the finish was near.  I pushed harder and by the time I could read the clock (I didn't wear my glasses and it was getting dark) it read 29:51.  Three seconds later I finished for a final time of 29:54 and a speedy (for me) last mile of 5:49.  I was super excited.  I wanted sub 30, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off.  Jeff finished a few seconds later in 30:06 - a new PR for him by over a minute.  Muddy also set a PR in 28:37.  Mike finished 1st in 27:20.  We chatted briefly with a few others and then headed off for a short cooldown on the bike path before returning for the pizza and beer.  It was a great set up at a pub - registration in a back room that turned into a dining room for the runners post race.  It was a fun and successful excursion for the South County crew. 

Friday: 0 - 2+ hours of basketball at Wilson Park.  Great workout today.  Started with hustle, then 2 on 2, and 3 on 3.  I spent the first hour grappling with Gip - runner versus crossfitter.  Pretty intense games the second hour.  Felt quick and coordinated (finally). 

Saturday: 16 miles - Carolina/Shannock roads and trails with Jeff and Muddy.  This was a repeat of a run the three of us did back on the first week of January.  It felt like early January with the 25 degree start.  I opted not to overdress, but paid for it the first 3+ miles with frozen thumbs and an ice cream headache.  Also similar, was the setting full moon as we began at 6AM, but I was happy that we had adequate light to see the trails in Carter this time.  Jeff ran 4 miles even earlier, and the three of us ran (raced) a 5 miler on Thursday night, so I was hoping we would all take it easy.  We ran the field loop and spotted a pair of kestrels, probably nesting nearby.  I think I finally warmed up on the big power line hill, but my legs didn't have any energy today.  I took the lead on the single track trails and kept the pace easy, but steady.  We emerged onto Rte 112 a few minutes faster than last time.  I was nervous that I would be in rough shape on the next few miles of roads, but felt surprisingly springy climbing the first hill towards the school.  We wandered through Shannock and then up North Rd to Shannock Hill Rd, again I was feeling really good on the climbs.  Jeff gazelled down the other side getting really far ahead of us.  Man can he descend!  One more sneaky hill on Pine Hill Rd before we enterend the woods again and followed the North South Trail south back to Meadowbrook Pond.  I was in a groove, and lead through the woods, until we slowed down briefly in the fields.  I couldn't get my legs moving again, and struggled back to the car.  Total time - 2:02:47, three minutes faster than last time.  Great way to start a busy day. 

Sunday: 9 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I wasn't expecting to run, but I got the greenlight in the morning.  I was looking to take it easy, but my planned route was pretty technical.  I entered the woods by the beaver pond.  I briefly went off trail to check out a pile of sand that caught my eye.  Upon closer examination, it was a huge den for some animal(s) - I'm hoping fox, but might be coyote.  I quickly backtracked and got on my way.  I turned south and then did Governor's to Sammy C's extenders.  I checked my watch at the intersection of Schoolhouse Pond Trail (25 minutes), and decided to turn right and follow SPT to Secret.  I did the full length of that and before I reached Vin Gormley I ran into the same local runner I've been seeing recently.  I then turned right onto VG briefly before heading north on the North South Trail.  I went left at the split so that I could run up Ledge Trail.  I then rejoined the NS Trail back to Burdickville Road.  This was a really fun run, slowish pace for the first 2/3, last 1/3 I ran pretty hard and it is hilly.  Total time: 1:08. 

Overall:  60 miles over a good variety of runs.  The highlight was the sub 30 5 miler.  Busy non-running weekend coming up so I'll have to see what I can do during the week. 

Weekly Total: 60 miles
Last Week: 44 miles
Year to Date: 766 miles

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chariho 5K 2012

This was my third year in a row running the Chariho 5K - a small local race put on by a family friend's Relay for Life team.  Each year I entered hoping to reach a milestone, and each year I failed (see 2010 & 2011 write ups).  This year was declared sub 18 minutes or bust.  I was feeling confident with my recent workouts. 

I decided to run from my house to the event as a warm up - about 3.5 miles.  My legs felt tired and tight at first,  eventually I was feeling loose by the time I finished.  A surprisingly sunny day turned cloudy and cool with a stiff wind out of the SW.  I chatted with friends and family before running two laps on the track at a lively pace.  I ran around some more before the race began.  I lined up front with Justin, and chatted with Jon Short.  I wasn't sure who else would go out fast besides Justin.  I was ready to race. 

At the gun, I set out at my usual fast but controlled start.  I was in the lead for less than half a mile (pleasing my cheering kids), before I heard Justin catching up to me.  I was feeling really good at this point.  I hoped that I could stick with him for a while and have him drag me along to a fast time.  This didn't materialize as he kept speeding up and pulled away (looking really strong).  There was no one close behind me.  I rounded the corner onto Pine Hill Rd and my first mile was 5:42.  This is about what I expected.  There is the slightest of hills here, and I made a point to work harder as to not slow down.  Looping back to Switch Road, I then had to run the next mile into the wind.  Again, I knew I needed to work harder to keep up the pace, and this is what I attempted to do.  I passed my family walking the event and then reached the two mile mark - 6:04 split.  No! I couldn't believe how slow my second mile was.  I tried not to dwell on it, and continued my charge through the wind.  Eventually the course veers right onto the Chariho campus and around the schools.  I was working hard, but I had no one close to push me.  I reached the track (someone announced 17:02 as the time) and mustered a decent push around it, finishing in a disappointing 18:19.  3rd place didn't reach the track until after I had finished.  My kids ran over to greet me and just sat on the grass recovering and chatting with people as they completed their runs.  I won a shrub for my runner-up finish which pleased my wife.  My running keeps paying off.  I opted to get a ride back to my house rather than run the 3.5 miles (last mile all uphill). 

In conclusion, I once again left this race upset I didn't attain my goal.  I could make excuses and I'll certainly make one about the wind.  But, I didn't get it done today.  I'm happy with my training, so I'm beginning to think that I'm closing in on maximizing my natural ability at this distance.  I still should be able to get under 18 minutes.  My second mile continues to be my demise at the 5K, but even if I could have shaved 10 seconds off of it, I still was not going sub 18 at this race.  But as my wife point out, I did run over a minute faster than last year....


Pictures to follow(?)