Friday, April 23, 2010

Running With That Guy Boj

Thursday, I met up with an old friend who was in town on his school vacation week.  The plan was to do a 10 mile trail run at Rome Point.  I was a little anxious to figure out a zig zag course to make this happen, but I knew that BoJo would like the trails.  He had been running a lot this week, so I wasn't worried about slowing him down too much.  We were greeted with great weather, even though the forecast was for rain and possibly thunderstorms.  The parking lot wasn't too full, and we had limited human or canine interruptions.  It was fun to catch up with him and talk about our running as we were running.  He really liked the terrain and trails, except he didn't like running on the beach.  It reminded him of snowshoe running, which I forgot he hates.  I didn't care for the stiff headwind and was happy to oblige him by sticking with the trails for the rest of the run.  We got to explore every side trail in the center of the park - trails I have always ignored - and I definitely will be adding a couple to my routine.  We had exhausted all of the trails and still needed to run another 10 minutes to get our 10 miles in, so we did a little trail repeating (which I was hoping to not have to do) and ended up running for an hour and seventeen minutes.  Judging by the time and effort, I'll call it 10.5 miles.  Overall, a great run with that guy Boj. 

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