Monday, August 30, 2010

Charlestown Police FOP 5K 2010

I am what I am. 

Yesterday morning I ran a local 5K.  With a 9am start, the weather was dry and not too hot (about 70 degrees).  I was hoping to meet up with Justin or possibly my father at the race when I arrived, but didn't see them.  I checked in, and headed out for a short warm up.  My body was feeling pretty good after being sore the previous two days from bodyboarding Thursday night.  My goal, as usual, was to be sub 20 minutes.  I felt this was the race that I would attain it.  Despite being a small race, there seemed to be some good runners in attendance, and I hoped that I would be pushed to keep up my pace throughout.  I lined up behind some guys in jerseys, Chad Greene, and a few others.  At the gun, I felt nice and loose.  I wanted to utilize my fast start, and then just hang on for the last two miles.  Right away, people were passing me, until about a half mile in.  No one else passed me the entire rest of the way.  Chad was still not too far ahead at the 1 mile mark - 6:19.  I was feeling pretty confident.  I had to work harder to keep up my pace, but I was now catching and passing people.  The course was flat, but twisty, which kept it interesting.  The only problem was that it was fully exposed to the sun, and I was feeling hot.  Mile 2 was not marked or manned as Mile 1 was.  I was a little annoyed at this, as I had no idea if I was still on pace, but I felt good about passing two more people.  My pace was even for the finish - I wasn't sure if my body was capable of sprinting.  I also had a mental let down, as I could tell I would not break twenty minutes.  I felt a little bummed about this, as I thought I ran a strong race, but I guess I am what I am.  The results:

Sunday, August 29, 2010 Charlestown, RI

Place Div/Tot No. Name Ag S City St Time Pace
1 1/30 109 LONERGAN ERIC 24 M N KINGSTOWN RI 15:58 5:09
2 2/30 101 AHNRUD GREG 23 M CHEPACHET RI 16:40 5:22
3 1/14 49 Marsella Michael 15 M Hope Valley RI 16:53 5:27
4 3/30 39 Holgate David 24 M N Providence RI 17:41 5:42
5 4/30 121 DANIELS MICHAEL 31 M W WARWICK RI 18:05 5:50
6 5/30 1 SEEKELL JASON 33 M CHARLESTOWN RI 18:16 5:53
7 1/15 91 CASPERSON THOMAS 45 M CRANSTON RI 18:20 5:55
8 2/15 75 Schaad Dave 48 M E Greenwich RI 18:30 5:58
9 6/30 37 Greene Chad 34 M S Attleboro MA 18:35 5:59
10 7/30 78 THIBODEAU MICHAEL 39 M E GREENWICH RI 18:56 6:06

16 11/30 160 HAMMETT JONATHAN 35 M CHARLESTOWN RI 20:12 6:31

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking the Rules

This afternoon, after two days of catch-up at the office, I was able to go out for a nice run.  My goal was to run 8 miles, following a course I had previously mapped out.  I decided to not follow my new training plans (based on advice on runners better than me) of running slower.  I wanted to see if I still had "it".  "It" being my fitness pre-summer.  The weather was awesome - misty, windy, and cool for a late August day - temps in the 60's.  I kept my first mile comfortable but fast - 6:52.  My legs and hips felt a little tight and tired trying to keep up this pace for the next few miles.  At what I thought was the 5 mile mark (I was wrong), I was somewhere in minute 33.  This motivated me to keep pushing myself.  After missing a turn thanks to a beeping car, I had to scramble to find more side roads to reach my 8 mile goal.  I'd like to take credit for nailing it right on 8, but I'm sure luck had something to do with it.  My total time was 54:36 - 6:49 pace. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This morning I was able to get in my first run in a while.  I did my 12 mile trail run that utilizes the 8 mile Vin Gormley Trail.  I kept it slowish and tried to have fun.  A few "friendly" dogs and trail runners out there today.  Are St. Bernards and black lab/pit bull mixes really friendly?  The pit lab was awfully excited about grabbing my water bottle out of my hand.  At least it gave me a bit of an adrenaline rush to help finish the hilly ending.  My body felt pretty tired after about eight miles and my overall time was slow, but I'm happy that I could run twelve trail miles not in great shape.  My plan is for longer runs and the occasional speed workout to get prepared for the Pisgah 23K. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get Back

I'm just returning from my brother's NH wedding slash yearly Maine vacation.  I have this week off from work as well to celebrate my children's birthdays.  In addition to that excitement, we had a power surge two weeks ago (lightning strike) that knocked out our internet and some other random things in our house.  Today it was finally fixed.  Time to blog again.  Also, I it's time to run.  A lot of activity last week - 6 hikes - Mt. Monadnock (Dublin Trail), Sucker Brook Cove, Pitcher Mountain (kid tantrems on the summit), Flying Mountain, Day Mountain, and Witches Hole Pond (Obama hike) - lots of swimming - Rocky Pond, Kilkenney Cove, Marlboro Beach - and mix in a little rock climbing and some bodysurfing and bodyboarding (Misquamicut).  I'd also like to mention the extreme parenting cross training required to travel and sleep in strange places for 7 nights with two young children.  All this, but no runs.  Time to get back! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Despite three straight days of running on sore legs, my body felt good on Thursday.  After morning rain, I assumed the cooler, drier air had moved in.  My plan was to repeat a workout I did several weeks back on the Quonset Bike Path - 4 x half miles with half mile jogs between.  Upon leaving the office, I quickly realized that the weather was hotter and way more humid than I expected.  Earlier in the summer, I would not have run, but now I am acclimated to these conditions.  My results:  3:00/2:58/2:57/3:08  Definitely more challenging than last time when I ran faster.  I knew I wasn't as fast, but I'm happy with how I felt doing this in the heat. 

The weather couldn't have been better on Friday.  The only problem was that I was stuck at the office.  As the day wore on, it became more apparent that I would have to run late in the afternoon.  Finally, I was able to leave and decided to run the Gravelly Hill trails (SKLT property).  Basically an out and back course, I did get a little confused in a new section and did a small loop that added 2 minutes to my time each way.  The trails are really fun - smooth enough to go fast, but hilly (I counted 11 each way!).  I reached half way in 27:58, then turned around and finished in 56:52.  Based on the effort, and the dry air, I called it 8 miles. 

At night, my wife and I went to Providence for Indian food and to see Social Distortion at Lupo's.