Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekly Log 3-12-12 to 3-18-12

Monday: 8+ miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  My body wasn't feeling too beat up from the trail race the day before, so I headed out for a run in the early summer-like weather - 71 degrees!  Despite my anticipated slow pace, I could tell my body wasn't acclimated to this temperature, so I ran shirtless for the first time of the year.  I did 2 long loops (slightly different) on the single track around the fields, which at 24+ minutes at an easy pace I'm calling 3 miles.  I then ran a random interior loop that ended up being a tad longer than I planned.  I forgot to check the time when I got back, but it was about 67 minutes. 

Tuesday: 0 - zero cross training activity as well.  This didn't help mentally, but I'm hoping it was the right thing to do.  It's been a while.  Sort of torture with the really nice weather. 

Wednesday: 12 miles - Quonset Bike Path warm up and workout with Allen's Harbor cool down alone.  I was hoping to meet up with Muddy, Mike, and Jeff for a group workout, but I couldn't make it work with work, so I did my own workout on the bike path.  The idea was to warm up running out on the path, then do 3 800's back, 3 800's out, and 3 800's back.  I figured that if I was 2.5 miles from my car after doing 6, I would rather do 3 more than jog back.  My goal pace was 2:55 - my 5K PR pace.  It was a bit windy out and warm (low 60's).  I wasn't sure how these things would effect my performance.  Pulling into the parking lot, there was a lot of activity, so it seemed like there would be plenty of traffic on the bike path as well to contend with.  Here are the results:

2:47/2:50/2:52/2:53/2:56/2:55/2:57/2:54/xx  83/80

I obviously began a little too fast, but overall I felt that I ran under control without overdoing it.  Gas pains on the last 800 made me stop at half way.  I jogged for a couple of minutes and then did another 400, so I still got the total distance of speedwork in.  I was feeling strong near the end and I thought about the marathon workout Muddy did last summer - I think it was 10x800? and I'm not sure what the rest between was supposed to be.  On the bike path my rests are either .3 or .2 miles (just the way the .5 mile markers each way work out).  Instead of stopping at my car for water, I decided to keep running.  I thought if I stopped I might not want to do a cooldown.  My feet were hurting by the end.  Total time: 1:26:02. 

Thursday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  A repeat of Monday's course with a couple of tweaks.  The pace was faster than I planned after a hard workout, but Dan and I always go rather fast.  He really liked the new single track.  A little chilly at the start (I was underdressed), but it was perfect running weather.  The sun even came out at the end.  Total time: 1:00:56. 

Friday: 6 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  I had no plan for my run today, and I was close to just taking another zero.  My body feels run down, probably from Wednesday's workout and going rather hard on the trails yesterday.  Dan was going back to Ryan to figure out the new trails on his own, so I decided to join him.  The weather was low 40's, raw, and drizzle at times.  We took it slow.  I really enjoyed this sort of run, as it was easy on the body, but good for the mind.  Untimed. 

Saturday: 13 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I headed out for an hour and a half run from my house around 9:30AM.  It was nice to "sleep in" to 6:30AM and then make my family blueberry pancakes.  I have a  busy afternoon and evening with my band's show tonight at the Crown Plaza in Warwick, and I wasn't feeling up to an early morning run on top of that.  My run began by entering Burlingame from Burdickville Rd and then heading south on the North South Trail.  The new monopine cell phone tower is easily seen from the trail, but luckily we can't see it from our house.  I then went left and down Ledge Trail and up Mills Trail.  I turned left onto Clawson to bag another hill.  I heard a chainsaw nearby which was a little odd.  I turned right onto the Governor Trail(?) and ran into a man doing trail maintenance with the chainsaw.  He seemed pleasant and I stopped worrying that I was going to get chopped up out there.  I crossed Buckeye Brook Rd and then took Sammy C's extension to the Secret Trail.  I was loving this run.  I was moving really well, even on the numerous technical sections.  Maybe it was knowing that I wasn't going for a "long" run.  I was motivated to run hard.  I turned left onto Vin Gormley Trail for two miles and then took Sammy C's.  I saw a couple of mtn bikers resting on a really rocky section so I made it a point to look strong as I passed.  I finally checked my watch when I reached Schoolhouse Pond Trail and turned left (61 minutes).  I debated what to do as I climbed the longish hill here.  I decided to stay on SPT.  I ran into a local runner with his dog on this remote section - I used to see him all the time on the roads, but now I've seen him twice on the trails.  I turned right onto the Vin Gormley Trail and picked up my pace even more as it is relatively smooth.  I felt like I was going 7 minute pace or slightly faster.  I turned right onto the North South Trail, crossed Buckeye Brook Rd, and then took Mills to Ledge to NS Trail back to my house.  I was hammering, including the three significant hills at the end.  Total time: 1:34:53.  Awesome run!  I'm feeling pretty relaxed and ready for the show tonight.   

Sunday: 4 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  After a wild night of playing 50 songs in 2.5 hours (no breaks) and the whole setting up/breaking down process, I was exhausted today.  I did get out for a short run in the afternoon while my kids got in their alotted screen time.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and 60.  I ran down to the beaver pond and then did a loop around north Burlingame before heading back home by the beaver pond.  I felt slow and was looking for an easy run, but there are no easy runs from my house.  Hills galore, but I still enjoyed myself.  Total time: 32 minutes. 

Weekly Total: 51 miles
Last Week: 52 miles
Year to Date: 601 miles


  1. Ha! That's so funny that we ended up attempting the same workout. I was thinking I'd do 10x800, but we did 6 then went to see if Jeff had arrived, by the time we started to run again there was no way I was going to do any more intervals, let alone 4 more hard 800's. Way to knock out a tough workout all alone!

  2. Thanks guys. Next week I'll hopefully get to join you.

  3. Glad you didn't get chopped up out there today (Sat).
    I love that none of us consider 13 miles to be a "long" run anymore!