Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Log 6-4-12 to 6-10-12

Monday: 0 - drove to Ryan Park, but couldn't get out of the car.  53 degrees.  Light rain.  Windy.  June?  No thank you. 

Tuesday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I wanted to run rather hard today.  Yesterday's zero combined with a stressfull day at work left me in a rather anxious state of mind.  I began at the athletic fields and worked myself up to a good pace once on the railbed.  On the rather technical single track I maintained the intensity.  About four miles in, I felt tired and not confident about keeping it up.  After seven miles, I was confident again.  I began running the railbed hard - close to all out.  I had about two miles to go from the beginning of it.  I slowed down a bit on the more technical stuff, but I had it in my mind to run each particular section at PR pace, and I've run in here a lot.  Total time: 1:08:00.  Felt relaxed the rest of the day. 

Wednesday: 13.1 miles - "Saunderstown Half Marathon" with Mike in celebration of National Running Day.  I found out last night that today was National Running Day.  I then read about Mike's ambitious plan for the day on his blog.  It worked out that I could join him for his half marathon portion.  I set up the course in Saunderstown figuring he'd enjoy a few hills thrown into the mix.  I was hoping the first three runs of the day would slow him down enough that he wouldn't kill me out there.  At the one mile mark he made a comment that we were going a good honest pace.  After trudging up Gilbert Stuart Road and then pounding back down it, I was having trouble recovering.  My breathing was heavier than normal for over a mile.  I wasn't sure I could keep it up.  Eventually, my body settled back down as we wound our way around the roads off of Waldron Avenue.  Back on Rte 1A, we were greeted with a stiff headwind and a long gradual uphill.  We then headed down and up Plum Point Rd as a cruel finish to the run.  Total time: 1:26:11.  Solid 6:34 pace.  Really happy with this run! 

Thursday: 7 miles - Calf Pasture Point beach, trails, and roads alone.  Today was a recovery day, but I was excited to get out and run in the sun (until it rained of course).  My legs were tired as expected, but felt decent to run on.  As I was on a messy trail about to jump on the beach something black and yellow caught my eye.  I thought it was a large bee or a butterfly, but it turned out to be a small fiddler crab.  I stopped and then noticed a bunch of them.  I was surprised with how small they were.  I continued on the beach, but the sand was soft.  I had to take my shoes off to cross the tidal stream.  I decided to loop around again, mostly to check out the fiddler crabs.  On the road back, I could see the rain falling from the clouds ahead of me.  I picked up the pace and finished in the raindrops, but avoided the heavier showers.  Total time: 52:15. 

Friday: 13 miles - wandering around the trails off the South County Bike Path alone.  Another quiet Friday at work plus nice weather equals long run for me.  I parked at Rte 108 and ran some trails of TriPond Park.  I briefly ran the bike path to the Spring Forward course, which I ran in reverse.  Besides feeling weird, I had trouble finding the trail at times.  I then ran the bike path out to South Road and then ran north.  Despite being on a road, there was a sidewalk and it was mostly in the shade.  I reached Potter Wood, and ran a perimeter loop and then zigzagged some internal trails before reaching Biscuit City Road.  I ran the road south and took a right at the split, as I planned from viewing the area on Google Earth.  I reached the powerline, and it looked like I could jump on it there, and avoid a little more roads before I took the trail on the powerline further down near the bike path.  I began running the powerline.  No problem until the trail ended and I was waist deep in brush, mostly lowbush blueberry and sweet fern.  Instead of turning around, I felt so close to the next road, so I bushwacked on, sometimes in the middle of the powerline, and sometimes on the sides.  There were house nearby, and I felt like an idiot.  Eventually I reached the road where the familiar powerline path was on the other side.  I ran down the hill and then began taking random mtn bike trails.  I made one loop, and then found a really fun, newish looking trail.  I was heading east, and knew at anytime I could jump back on the bike path.  I kept exploring for a while, before opting to hit the bike path back since I had been running for 1:18.  The bike path was quieter than usual, but I grew tired of it, so I hit up more TriPond trails before returning to my car.  Total time: 1:42:12.  This was a fun run.  My legs were sluggish today, but I never felt terrible out there. 

Saturday: zero

Sunday: 8 miles - Back Road Ramble 3.4 Mile Race - 2nd Overall, 20:03.  See separate write up. 

Overall:  Three hard runs.  I'm very happy with the half marthon effort on Wednesday - good time on a hilly course, without consciously trying for a good time.  The "trail" race on Sunday was fun, and I was happy with my effort on a warmish day.  No set running plans for the upcoming week.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do a group long run eary Saturday. 

Weekly Total: 51 miles
Last Week: 58 miles
Year to Date: 1254 miles

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