Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Log 9-10-12 to 9-16-12

Monday: 10 miles - Big River trails alone.  I was looking for easy miles today, but the weather was so incredible I decided to take it up a notch and drive out to Big River.  Sunny, dry, and 70 degrees - I actually felt chilly at times and didn't sweat that much.  I ran around Carr Pond and then began exploring once I was north of Tarbox Pond.  I thought I was on a new trail when I realized it was the same one I ran last week.  Luckily, I noticed a faint side trail off to the left, so I took that.  It looked sort of new (recently raked), but it was narrow and didn't show much use.  After a couple of minutes I passed a sign.  I stopped and double backed to see what it said - "Foster's Folly".  Okay, must be a pretty cool mtn bike trail.  I kept going, passing a rake, and then I reached a giant teeter totter with a sign stating "You need to go much faster than you think".  I debated trying it, but figured I didn't want to get hurt in the middle of nowhere, so I continued on.  There were a bunch more bike playthings like narrow bridges and rock drops.  Finally I reached the New London Turnpike (4x4 dirt road).  I turned left, and ran until I recognized where I was.  My plan was to find the really fun single track I did last time.  I tried finding a better entrance, and then thought I missed it, but eventually stumbled upon it.  Reaching Hopkins Hill Rd, I figured I better take the most direct route back, so I opted for the pavement until I could run the parallel trails on the west side of the road.  Total time: 1:15.  A really fun loop! 

Tuesday: 8 miles - CCMS track workout with Galoob and Gunshow.  I was excited and nervous for the workout today.  We sort have been gearing up for a 5000 meter time trial on the track, and we decided today was the day.  It was a very chilly start - 46 degrees near my house.  I got to the track a little early, and began warming up.  My legs were a little stiff.  Mike and Ben arrived and we ran a few more laps.  No one was ready to start, but finally we got around to it.  My hope was to be in the 17:30's, but after the first mile of 5:46, I realized it wasn't my day.  I still kept going.  I couldn't figure out my mile 2 split because of the spacewatch display, so I was sort of running blind.  Mike lapped me on lap 9.  I felt like the end was near, and I knew I could finish.  I watched Mike hammer his last 200 to finish in 15:58 and then he cheered me on.  The last lap hurt.  I did manage to find another gear for the last 200 and finished in 17:48.  I'm very happy with the result, especially not feeling my best.  A new 5K PR.  Ben finished up soon after, and then we had a nice cooldown on the track.  We'll get back to shorter intervals, but the 5000 was a blast.  Now I need to take it easy the rest of the week. 

Wednesday: 7+ miles - Goddard Park trails alone.  I've had it in my mind to explore the trails here, and decided this day was the perfect day to do it.  The weather was gorgeous, and I was looking for easy footing for a recovery jog.  I parked my car and then began following a wide bridle path.  I stayed along the water until I reached another parking area and then followed XC signs until I ended up back near where I began.  I then found a side trail down to the bay and ran the water's edge.  I then explored the wide trails at the north end of the park, looping and zigzagging, before finding my way back to my car.  Definitely nothing too exciting in here.  I might use this place for easy trail recovery runs, and also to stay out of the hot sun in the summer (very shady).  The park was actually bigger than I expected, so that was a plus as well.  Total time: 61 minutes. 

Thursday: 10(+?) miles - Big River trails alone.  I basically ran Monday's loop in reverse.  My plan was to not run today, but I can't resist running this time of year.  My legs were feeling fresher so why not?  Total time: 1:17:48.  I took some pictures along the way. 

Amusing Sidebar:  I checked the blog stats this morning and found the following internet searches reached my blog: 

hopkins hill road creepy as shit

pachaug bigfoot

south county bike trail 8 miles

Friday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  The plan today was to do a short run to work out my nerves - easy pace with a mile or two at perceived race pace.  It turned out Dan was planning to run at the same location for the same amount of miles, so we joined forces.  As usual, he took it out stronger than I wanted.  I followed a couple of seconds behind until we reached the railbed.  He began pulling away, despite it feeling like I was putting in a decent effort.  My spacewatch was useless (mid 8's really?), and I was questioning my fitness.  Eventually, he slowed down after three miles and admitted he was pushing hard.  We pushed again on the railbed back, but this time I was out in front by a wide margin (my watch still showing over 8 minute pace).  We regrouped along the Rte 4 trail, but I let it fly on the hills.  The 7 mile course was going to be long, so I tacked on another few minutes to make it 8.  Great shakeout/fartlek run.  Pisgah in two days.  Total time: 59:33. 

Saturday: 0 - brush clearing and soccer in the morning followed by driving up to NH in the afternoon.  Fun evening with full Hammett crew plus that guy Boj. 

Sunday: 15 miles - Pisgah Mountain 23K Trail Race - 1:44:xx, 4th overall, 14 minute PR.  Separate write up to follow. 

Overall: A nervous and tense week culminating in an awesome race. 

Weekly Total: 58 miles
Last Week: 59 miles
Year to Date: 2095 miles

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  1. Your BR run was very close to the usual loop we often ride around Carr Pond, only in reverse, which seems to have more distinct climbs. The cool trail that lead you out to the graveyard on Hopkins Hill is called Dead Shed.