Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Log 10-1-12 to 10-7-12

Monday: 8 miles - Rome Point trails and beach alone.  Wow am I sore from yesterday's road run.  I got out for a midday run in the nice weather.  I took it slow and tried to enjoy myself, which I was able to accomplish.  After zigzagging to the point, I ran the two miles out and back along the shoreline.  I thought the wind might be a factor, but it was mostly side shore.  Total time: 64 minutes. 

Tuesday: 11.5 miles - Big River trails alone.  I connected some of the trails I was lost on last week with trails I know to make a pretty decent loop.  The only problem was I got turned around and lost trying to find the familiar ridge trails I know with Foster's Folly (which I took a nice digger on).  I began at Hopkins Hill and ran north to Dead Shed, crossed the New London Turnpike, and was on the trails I found last week with the vacuum cleaner and mannequin.  I stopped to take a couple of pictures, and got a good look at a barred owl (it didn't cooperate for the camera).  I reconnected with the turnpike and headed west to Foster's Folly.  I was temped to explore the trails north of the turnpike some more, but I'll save that for another day.  I realized that I was going to run longer than planned when I finally got on a trail I recognized on the ridge.  It also began raining lightly at this point.  I continued on around Carr Pond and finished up in 1:25:30.  Good pace throughout, except the first mile. 

Wednesday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Completely lacked motivation today.  It was a combination of the dreary weather, not having anything specific planned (workout or location), being fulfilled with a great run the day before, and being busy at work.  I sucked it up, and drove to Ryan Park.  I parked at the fields, and headed out for the powerline.  I immediately ran into a small buck that just stared at me.  I then had a red tailed hawk screech at me.  Being here was perking me up.  Not wanting to repeat the same routine, I decided to hop across the street and run around the few trails of Feuer Park.  Nothing too exciting to report, but the variety was good.  I then jumped onto the railroad bed and ran to the pond, and circled it.  I stopped briefly on Bon Jovi Bridge to take in the scenery.  I stayed on the railbed and the wide field trail back to my car.  I was glad I could make the best of my chance to run.  Total time: 1:00:51. 

Thursday: 9.5 miles - Quonset Bike Path workout alone.  I was excited to run today and do some intervals.  I spent some time entering a custom workout onto my space watch.  I was able to get the display to show my pace (not interval time unfortunately), so I at least had an idea of how I was running.  I programmed in 8x400 with 200 rest with a goal pace of 5:00 - 5:15 (75-78 seconds) and then 4x200 with 200 rest at a goal pace of 4:30 - 4:50 (34-36 seconds).  I did a two mile warm up on the bike path and then did the first interval.  All was good until I realized my rests weren't programmed in after each 400, but after all 8 400's.  Chaos ensued.  I decided to just do a recovery jog of my liking (less than 200) and did every other programmed 400.  I did the same for the 200's.  I then reset my watch and ran the workout again.  The end result was a 2x(4x400,2x200) workout.  I felt like I worked hard, so I guess I'll take it.  The track is so flat and consistent, unlike the bike path, so fluctuations in interval times are pretty normal.  Results: 77/78/77/80/34/34 78/76/79/78/36/34.  I then did a nice cool down around Calf Pasture Point (3.5 miles).  Later I was able to figure out how to customize the workout correctly, so it will be smoother next time. 

Friday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Today, I opted to run the 10 mile course beginning from the athletic fields, and run at a good pace throughout.  The weather was awesome,  even a bit hot.  I alternated between feeling strong and feeling fatigued.  I had no idea if I was running fast or not.  When I finished I was pleased to see my time: 1:06:06.  Definitely my best time on this course. 

Saturday: 0.  Hiked 6.8 miles with my wife on our anniversary getaway weekend today up Mt. Monadnock via the Birchcroft, Red Spot, and Pumpelly trails.  We began at 9AM in the warm sun, hoping to beat the impending rain.  We kept a nice steady pace and reached the summit in 2 hours.  It took 2 hr 15 minutes on the way back down (includes lunch break).  We passed lot's of people going up who definitely got hit with rain.  The colors were spectacular and the Red Spot trail was a real treat.  The summit was crowded and very windy. 
beginning of Red Spot

more Red Spot

very steep section of Red Spot

view from Red Spot/Pumpelly junction

the view to the north from windy summit

cabin view of rain moving in over Monadnock

post hike fire in cabin

Sunday: 6 miles - Woodbound Inn XC ski trails alone.  I awoke early to the sun (expecting clouds and rain), so I snuck out for a exploratory run on the inn's XC ski trails.  I had a map, but I found the trails confusing at first.  Eventually,  I figured out where I was, and I made the trek out to the cathederal of the pines.  I was enjoying the good footing on the wide paths, dirt at times, and my legs felt fresh.  It was mostly uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back.  Total time: 43:43. 
Overall: low mileage, but would have been over 60 if I counted the Monadnock hike on Saturday and another hike on Sunday.  Awesome weekend in New Hampshire.  

Weekly Total: 53 miles
Last Week: 64 miles
Year to Date: 2280 miles