Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Log 12-10-12 to 12-16-12

This will probably be another lower mileage week.  I had a strange start to the week with no work and the kids home for parent teacher conferences.  I'm also racing the Old Mountain 5K Trail Race on Sunday, so no long run this weekend.  I'm fine with the low mileage, but I do want to reach the 3000 mile mark by 11:59:59 12/31/12.  This wasn't the plan at the beginning of the year, but I'm right on target.  I don't have any concrete goals for the trail 5K other than a team win.  The new course is awesome and challenging.  It will be a fun race for sure. 

Monday: 4 miles - 3 trail loops (1 mile) with my son in the early afternoon.  He shaved 11 seconds off his time from a few days ago.  My daughter ran about a half mile too.  Total time: 12:38.  9 loops (3 miles) at 4PM.  It was getting dark and the rain picked back up in intensity.  The twisty trails keep you focused and are definitely a good workout for trail racing.  Total time: 22:39. 

Tuesday: 4 miles - 12 trail loops at 4:30PM.  After spending time collecting kindling and stacking wood I headed out for another trail workout at home.  I ran 4 laps without a headlamp, and the last 8 with one.  Total time: 31:49. 

Wednesday: 11 miles - CCMS track workout with Mike G at 6AM.  I arrived in the darkness on this chilly dark morning and began running laps waiting for Mike and maybe others to show up.  After 2 miles, I was wondering if it was going to be just me, but Mike arrived after I had run another mile.  The plan was a simple sounding 8x400 at 1 mile pace.  This meant my target time would be 75 seconds.  This sounded challenging, but not as daunting with a full lap recovery.  I wasn't feeling super motivated at the start, but the workout came together nicely.  Results: 73.4/76.2/73.8/73.8/75.3/73.6/73.4/72.5

As usual, the first rep felt really easy and then the 2nd was slow.  I was happy to be below my target time for the most part.  I dropped Mike off at his house and then drove to Old Mountain Field to run the new course as a cool down.  With all the rain, Mike wasn't sure if the river crossing was passable, so I wasn't sure what I was in for.  First off, running trails as a cool down is great.  No pounding.  I reached the river and it was low enough to jump to the exposed rocks.  I then saw two hunters in orange 20 yards away on the power line.  I'm not sure it's legal to hunt there, but I smiled and waved, hoping they wouldn't shoot me.  I then ran the newly cut trail that I have helped Mike work on.  There was a good amount of water out there, but the placed rocks and log bridges worked like a charm.  I continued to follow the new trail to the existing fading 4x4 trail.  This meets up with the new trail from last year's race, now run in reverse.  The course's last mile zigs and zags up and down the hill and surrounding woods until a fast finish back around the athletic fields.  I did the course in 27:05.  Not easy!  Total time: 1:24:33. 

Side Note: I keep checking the Ultra SignUp site for registered entrants in the Old Mtn race.  It's now up to 56 including some pretty fast runners.  This is pumping me up! 

Thursday: 7 miles - Old Mountain trails alone.  I was feeling rather blah today and not really excited about running. When it was time to do something and I went outside, I was reinvigorated by the nice weather (sunny and not windy).  I drove to Old Mountain Field to run the 5K course twice.  My first lap I got off course somewhere on the old 4x4 path and bushwhacked to the sewer right of way.  I then proceeded to take a wrong turn on the hill.  I regrouped and began my second lap.  My pace, like on the first lap, was rather brisk at first.  I then was able to negotiate the tricky spots better, and even managed to stay on course.  Running up and down the hill after two miles of technical single track is rough.  Hopefully, this will be an advantage to me during the race.  As I was barreling down the wide trail to the skate park an unleashed dog ran after me.  I was nervous at first because it had a pitbully-look to it (it really wasn't).  I stopped and stearnly told the dog to go back.  It was acting on the aggresive side and not leaving me alone.  The skater owner said that the dog was friendly to everyone.  Great.  Can you get it to leave me alone!  I began running again and the dog made a mad dash at me.  I stopped and yelled louder.  The skaters yelled at me, saying I didn't need to yell at their dog.  I yelled back saying it was a strange dog and acting aggressive.  One skater shouted back that I was acting aggressive.  Good point.  I tried to be more civil.  The owner had to eventually walk over and restrain the dog so I could continue on my way.  I think the ordeal ended okay.  The drama made me lose out on becoming KOM for the new course.  Total time: 53:36. 

Friday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone. A nice run in the decent weather. I kept the pace on the easy side but my overall time was still rather snappy. Earlier this year with the same effort here would be five minutes longer. I ran into one unfriendly horse rider - is it too much for me to expect a 'hello' or a 'thank you' for me stopping my run and stepping off the trail for you to pass? Total time: 1:13.

Saturday: 1 mile - 3xhome trail loop with my son in the AM. He told me he wasn't going for a PR today, just a training run. Total time: 12:56. 7 miles - Burlingame campground trails in the late afternoon alone. Not looking for hills or hunters, I parked at the picnic area and ran the dirt road to the campground. I picked up the NST at the bog bridges and worked my way backwards on the Brrr-lingame 15K course. It was getting rather chilly and I wished I wore another layer. Other than that, I was loving the empty trails. I stayed on the trail rather than running back through the campground. I was soon in the NWR. I found the wider trail that skirts the eastern boundary and dumps you back onto Sanctuary Road. I really liked avoiding the campground and will probably use these trails more to do so. I finished on the beach rather than the dirt road. The fading light was really nice from the water. I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunset, as I noticed a middle aged couple in the cabin embracing. Looked like a Cialis commercial. Total time: 52:30.

Sunday: 8 miles - Old Mountain Trail 5K. 5th overall(?), 19:32, top WTAC finisher. Separate write up to follow tomorrow.

Weekly Total: 52 miles
Last Week: 55 miles
Year to Date: 2880 miles

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