Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Log 4-1-13 to 4-7-13

Feeling good post Big River race.  I'd been hemming and hawing about which race to do this Sunday, and then I realized that I'm only three weeks away from the TARC Trail 50K.  Better get a long run in!  My new plan is to try to run 3.5 hours in Burlingame early on Saturday, and then maybe race Sunday, depending on the family schedule.  On a music note, I dug up an old Face to Face CD to listen to on my way to the Big River race, and can't stop listening to it.   

Monday:  9 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  Legs not sore, but a little flat.  I found a new trail between the field and powerlines which was really fun.  I thought about just staying on this side of the park, but did wander over to the other side, where I found another short new trail.  I finished up by doing the Rte 4 Strava loop at a decent pace.  Total time: 1:06:45. 

Tuesday: 6 miles - Old Mountain Field 13x150 sprints with surrounding trails wu/cd with Galoob, Gunshow, and Mark.  We met up for a 1PM workout.  The weather was rather blustery and cold.  We ran some trails for about two miles before embarking on the speedwork.  We sprinted the length of a baseball field, but ended by running up a short steep embankment at the end.  We then ran back and continued, not allowing for much recovery.  I liked this style of workout - short intervals and fast recoveries.  My pace for these generally got quicker and ranged between 4:26 - 5:00 per mile.  Short trail cooldown after as no one was feeling that excited about running more. 

Wednesday: 8.5 miles - Rome Point trails and beach alone.  I decided to give this place a shot after losing interest during the busy winter season.  There were only a couple of cars in the lot (good sign) and the sun felt warm in the woods.  I decided to make a segment out of the yellow dot loop trail.  I don't usually run the entire loop in one shot - just pieces at a time.  I decided to run the loop twice and at a peppy pace to set a good baseline.  On the first one, I reached a spot that has a huge fallen oak tree, and a side trail to get around it that includes a large stonewall.  I ran along the wall and then decided to jump on top of it (waist high).  My right foot planted on a large flat stone that slid, and I ended up smashing my left ankle/shin into the wall.  Ouch!  It really hurt.  I limped on up the hill and finished the 1 mile loop.  I thought about quitting, but decided it wasn't bleeding that bad, so I ran on.  I ran some more trails and then ran the beach.  It was rather windy, so I knew when it felt nice heading south, that I would be cursing the decision on the way back.  I ran more trails and then attempted the yellow dot loop again, this time without hurting myself.  My time was 6:05 - it feels like a mile although GPS reads .9 miles.  When I got back to my car I realized that my shin was swollen and kind of gross.  Total time: 1:05:32. 

Thursday: 10.5 miles - Quonset Bike Path (and beach) progression run alone.  My plan was to run steady out and around the point, and then turning it up on the bike path for about 6 miles.  My first mile was rather speedy, so I tried to go fast on the trail and beach to keep the pace up (almost impossible on thick sand).  I was doing fine until I almost got knocked over by a large wet dog.  It was playing in the water, spied me, and then ran right into me.  I tried to not curse until I was out of earshot of the owner.  My pace suffered the rest of the beach stretch, but I was able to pick it up back on pavement.  Heading west, I was fighting a decent headwind, but my splits were still good.  My goal was to be in the high 5's on the way back, and I knew the wind would help me along if I could keep it up.  I was on target as I returned, but fading as I finished 8 miles.  I wasn't back to my car, so I tried for one more mile.  It wasn't my fastest, but close enough.  This turned into a nice progression run.  Splits: 6:51/6:50 (trail/beach)/7:06(beach)/6:24/6:13/6:11/5:55/5:48/5:50.  I then did a 1.5 mile cool down.  This was a good workout. 

Friday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails with Mike G.  A potentially rainy day that turned out awesome by the time I met up with Mike for our run.  We wandered around the usual trails, spending alot of time on the more interesting west side stuff.  My legs are definitely tired and I hope I can complete my planned run tomorrow.  Fun running in the sun and good conversation.  Total time: 1:08:29.  There was as Turtle sighting on the root trail....

Saturday: 27+ miles - Burlingame trails (6 miles roads) alone in the early AM.  I was able to execute the early morning solo start and get out the door at 5:30AM.  My plan was to run roads down to the campground entrance since it would be dark, and then run about every trail in Burlingame.  I carried a small pack for a mile and then dumped it in the woods at a lightly used trailhead.  This would be my aid station.  I tried to dial back my pace on the roads, but it was too dark to see my watch, so I had no idea what I was doing.  Right away, I could feel fatigue and tightness in my legs, thanks to a week of intense workouts.  This long run was going to be interesting.  After about two miles, there was significantly more light.   I thought about jumping on the Vin Gormley Trail, but stayed the course on Buckeye Brook Road.  After the mile uphill, it was a gradual decline on Klondike Road.  After almost 6 miles, I reached the North South Trail at the campground entrance.  I ran it north and then began running the Brrr-lingame course backward.  I startled about 10 deer in this section.  I continued on the trail that enters the NWR and then connected back with the VG Trail at Sanctuary Road.  I then followed the yellow dots CW for the next 4+ miles.  I worried about my legs early on, but eventually forgot about them.  I reached my backback at about 15 miles and 1:55 of running.  I wasn't hungy or thirsty, but I drank some Coke (ignored my water) and ate a small leftover Easter chocolate bar.  I then headed off on Sammy C's.  I was surprised to see another runner (the only person I saw all morning) here.  She had three unleashed dogs (large poodles), with one rather growly and aggressive.  She said "he's just a puppy." Oh, okay, what does that mean?  I continued on, and made the mistake of checking my watch.  I was getting angry at the GPS pace (nothing new for me!).  At least it kept my mind busy.  I reached Vin Gormley again, and then headed CCW until taking Schoolhouse Pond Trail.  I then jumped onto the secret trail, really cursing my watch, but the trail is slow going thanks to the insane person(s) who made it.  I realized that I missed the middle section, but I was beginning to get hungry at this point.  I reconnected with VG, and then headed south to do the old north camp loop.  GPS pace was looking better, but I really needed more fuel.  The long climb back up the dirt/sand road was torture.  I took the side trail back to my backback, reaching it at the 3:01 mark (I forget what the mileage was).  This time I ate my peanut butter granola bar, more chocolate and then drank the rest (2/3) of the Coke.  My legs, tired the entire time, were beginning to get worse.  I was going to stick with my pre-planned route anyway.  I ran the governor's trail to the old dirt roads of north Burlingame.  I looped around to the white dot River Trail.  I was dreading the climb up from the canoe camps, and it didn't disappoint.  Miserable.  Endless.  I then took the North South Trail north to Burdickville Road.  Another smaller but steeper hill, with plenty of loose rocks.  By the time I reached the road, and the last climb, adrenaline kicked in, and I finished on the strong side.  Total time: 3:40:24.  GPS mileage - 25.9 (8:31 pace), but 27+ seems more accurate, especially looking at my pace on the roads.  Overall, this was great confidence booster for the TARC 50K in three weeks - especially considering how tired my legs were going into today and how I plan to really taper for the race. 

Sunday: 0 - I ended up not racing the Chariho 5K.  My legs need a break, and racing seemed like an injury risk.  Instead, I loosened up the legs on a hike with the kids through the Hopkinton Grills Preserve.  Fun spot - soft dry trails through interesting forest and along the Pawcatuck River.  Later, I watched the kids and cheered on my wife running the Chariho 5K.  Topped the day off with the always delicious El Fuego/Brickley's Ice Cream combo in downtown Wakefield. 

The only map you'll find on the internet for this place

somewhere on Cedar Swamp Trail

Kicking it to the finish line

Weekly Total: 70 miles
Last Week: 56 miles
Year to Date: 804 miles


  1. Wow, you're blog is so much more fun to read with a soundtrack! Ha, ha, seriously, you should post a new song for each entry. I like that one, reminds me a little of Pulley, one of my favorite bands.
    Your Rome Point injury looks grotesque, look at that bulge!

  2. Just went back and re-read your Saturday blog entry. Monster run Jonny! I think you're well prepared for TARC.