Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Log 6-3-13 to 6-9-13

Monday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I was feeling pretty beat from Friday night's race.  In particular my feet and lower legs were tired.  I parked off of Lafayette Road and planned to run just the west side single track.  When I began, I decided to run the easy flat rail bed to get my legs loosened up.  It was extremely muggy out, and wet trees and shrubs sagged over the trail.  I kept the pace easy, and the miles lower than normal.  Total time: 1:02:00. 

Tuesday: 11 miles - Big River trails solo.  Today was gorgeous - 70 degrees, sunny, and low humidity.  I had the opportunity to go a little longer today.  My plan was a lollipop route from the Hopkins Hill lot.  I wanted to be on the ridge between the ponds, so I ran that, following the half marathon course.  My legs were feeling much better and my pace was decent.  I continued along the course planning to go all the way to Greasy Joe's and then back down Foster's Folly before running the ridge back.  As I approached the long switchback on Dead Shed I heard a loud noise in the direction I soon would be heading.  It sounded like a shed collapsing or a tree falling.  I stopped to listen.  Silence.  I got creeped out and turned around, running rather quickly now.  I then crossed HH road and ran along the New London Turnpike for a while before hopping onto some familiar single track I hadn't run recently.  One of my favorite hilly switchback trails is in bad shape.  Lots of blowdowns has turned away the mtn bikes and nature is reclaiming the trail.  It was still fun, but soon will probably be gone.  Checking my watch, I decided I had time to go to the overlook.  After stopping for a moment to take in the view, I heading back to my car, pushing the pace up the hill from the stream.  Total time: 1:27:39. 

Wednesday: 21.5 miles - three runs in celebration of National Running Day.  Last year Galoob had an epic NRD, and I felt obligated to keep up the tradition.  I woke up a little bit early, and after getting the kids lunches ready for school, I got in a short run on my home trails.  3x9 loops with 1xShumunkawall loop thrown in for fun.  3+ miles in 25:34.  Beautiful morning.  My second run was during my lunch.  I decided to run what Mike and I did last year on this "holiday" - the Hilly Half Marathon.  I parked at the park and ride on Rte 1A and then followed the route through Plum Beach, Snuff Mill/Gilbert Stuart, and then on to the Waldron neighborhood.  I purposely was pushing the pace as we did last year.  I did not look at my time or pace until I finished.  I wanted it to be a surprise (and not effect me mentally during the run).  I kept my effort on the uncomfortable side the entire time.  I was nervous about blowing up on the GSR climb, but it went well.  I was tiring by about mile 8, and anytime I was heading south, there was a stiff wind in my face.  This was especially annoying on the wide open Rte 1A.  It's also mostly uphill (including one good hill).  The hardest part is dropping down Plum Point Road for the huge hill there knowing that you're less than a half mile from your car.  I managed the hill (at one of my slowest times) and finished up pretty strong, albeit into the wind.  Total time: 1:25:41 - 30 seconds faster than last year.  I'll take it.  Tough run.  925' of climbing.  6:36 overall pace. 

My final run of the day was a pub run in Wakefield with Galoob and Gunshow.  Mike and I headed out pretty late (8:40PM?) and wandered down to Phil's after stopping at the bike shop.  The night seemed cool, but we were sweaty messes, so the upstairs outside deck was perfect.  Gunshow joined us here and before I knew it, we were running on the pitch black bike path up to Rhody Joe's.  The bar was busy and bright.  I felt a little out of place in my stinky running clothes and sweaty face.  We hung out there for a while before heading down the road for my first Bobby G's experience.  It didn't disappoint.  Ben was looking for more adventure, but Mike and I were done.  We escorted him (running) to Fat Belly's, before running on the empty streets back to my car.  I was sick of running at that point and National Running Day was coming to a close (about 12AM).  About 5 and half miles of interrupted running.  Total time: 46:14. 

Thursday: 5.5 miles - Calf Pasture Point bike path, trail, and beach alone.  Wow am I sore.  National Running Day did me in.  I haven't felt like this in quite some time, even after races.  The weather was nice enough and looked terrible for Friday, so I headed out for an easy recovery run.  I ran slowly out to the point and then decided to take off my shoes and run barefoot out and back on the beach (2.25 miles total).  First I had to hide my freakishly bright orange shoes somewhere and then I continued my run.  The barefoot beach run wasn't as romantic as it sounds since there are many "obstacles" (mostly broken shells) to negotiate and there was a screaming headwind on the way back.  Still, I made the most of it, and didn't slice my toes on anything.  Total time: 47:38. 

Friday: 0 - I managed to put on my running clothes and drive over to Ryan Park.  Then I sat in my car trying to convince myself to run a few miles in the steady rain.  Couldn't do it. 

Saturday: 15 miles - 2 runs. 8 miles on local roads in a short AM window. Easy pace, but pushed the hills at the end near my house. Total time: 54:45. Will upload GPS data later.

 After an over scheduled day with kid activities, I was able to sneak in a second run while my son was at a birthday party. I had about an hour of running time to play with. I decided to run in Burlingame from Kings Factory Road. I headed up Sammy C's. even though the sun was out and drying up the roads, the woods were another story. With 4-5 inches of rain, water pooled in many places and some of the trails turned into streams. I bushwhacked around a new pond that took some time. My feet got wet anyway, so eventually I stopped trying to avoid the water. After completing Sammy C's, I did the north camp loop. Watchaug Pond was very high as there was hardly any beach exposed. I took Vin Gormley back to my car, then tacked on a half mile of roads to get a full hour, and also dry out my shoes a bit. Total time: 61 minutes.

Sunday: 10 miles - Browning & DuVal trails with connecting roads (paved and dirt) with Seth.  Early start (6AM), but already very bright out.  I was happy that I wouldn't be running alone as my motivation was waning with yesterday's double.  Seth and I took the roads to Browning (about 2 miles).  The trail was a little wet, but not too bad.  Seth showed me a fun side trail that eventually connected with a neighborhood.  After a brief paved section, we then ran on dirt roads that led to the far end of the DuVal Trail.  More trail fun ensued before we ended back at the cars.  Really nice run.  My body is sore again, but it was a big week of miles.  Registered for another Friday night race in Connecticut - the Niantic 10K on the 14th. 

Weekly Total: 71 miles
Last Week: 54 miles
Year to Date: 1339 miles

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  1. Way to celebrate National Running Day! Impressive mileage (and pace!)