Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last Week: 2-3-14 to 2-9-14

Monday:  7 miles - snow run in Ryan Park with Garvin and Galoob.  Surprise post-Super Bowl snowstorm.  The roads were a mess and there was about 4" of fresh snow and still snowing when we met up.  The run was super fun, but I was not looking forward to the prospect of another snow race coming up at the end of the week.  Total time: 58:26. 

Tuesday:  3.5 miles - URI indoor track planned workout with Galoob.  The Daniels workout of the day was either 4x800 @ R pace or 3 x 800,200,200 @ R pace.  I was going to do the latter.  Near the end of the warm up and during our strides I noticed my left hamstring tightening up on me.  Didn't seem like a bid deal, but I couldn't shake it out.  I began the first 800 and it was biting me.  I stopped after a lap.  Not wanting to ever quit a workout, I proceeded to try to stretch, massage, and jog it out.  I couldn't get it loose, so I ended up quitting - something that really annoyed me.  Total time: 36:26. 

Wednesday: 4.5 miles - hilly snowshoe run from my house.  Snow day.  Second storm of the week brought another 5" or so before changing to sleet and freezing rain.  I ran down the hill through the woods behind my house and wandered around for a bit.  The going through the deep wet snow was brutally slow and challenging - especially any gains in elevation.  I was surprised to see human tracks at one point until I realized they were mine - totally got turned around.  I then bushwhacked my way through the briars and bent over trees to reach my road across from the beaver pond trail.  Someday I will make a trail that does this, but it's really wet and overgrown in places.  I slogged down to the pond and decided I should turn around.  Unfortunately that meant two big hill climbs and more bushwhacking.  Hamstring felt okay - sore to the touch. 

Thursday: 9 miles - snow run in Ryan Park with Dan, Nate, and Mark.  We just ran the Belleville Pond 10K race course to break trail and hopefully pack down the snow to make the race more runnable.  The parking lot was unplowed and a mess.  The trails weren't any better.  It took us twice as long to do the course as I planned on racing it (before the snow).  The railbed and trails around the pond had foot traffic that was uneven to run on.  The rest of the trails we had to punch through a top layer of ice and then sink into deep powder.  It was fun to suffer with others, but when you are working your butt off to run 13 minute miles, it was horribly difficult.  I'm calling it nine miles of effort.  Total time: 1:17. 

Friday: 8 miles - URI indoor track solo.  With no great options to run outside, I ventured down to URI hoping that I could restrain myself from running too hard.  I put on my headphones and looped around the track for 8 miles - 64 laps!  My hamstring did well - it is still a bit sore to the touch, but not an issue running.  My pace was about 7:20 for the first 6 miles.  I then built up my pace the last two just for fun.  I ran mile 7 in about 6:30 and the last mile in 5:30, but it felt effortless.  Total time: 55:22. 

Saturday: 7 miles - local roads in the morning alone.  I forgot to make a plan to run with someone else, so I had to run by myself on this frigid morning.  I waited until 7:45, but it was still only 13 at my house and I knew it would be colder in the valley (Wood River Jct).  I didn't worry about my time, but I was a little concerned about being cold the first few miles.  In Alton, I was in the sun, and felt warmer.  My legs today didn't feel as great as I hoped, but running in the snow (earlier in the week) is always tough on them.  I had to finish by climbing Burdickville Road - never easy! 

Sunday: 8 miles - Belleville Pond Trail 10K in the snow.  See separate write up. 

Overall: Sort of a crappy week.  This winter has been tough and not motivating.  The hamstring issue is annoying and hopefully doesn't stop me from training my butt off the next 6 weeks until my next race. 

Weekly Total: 47 miles
Last Week: 63 miles
Year to Date: 324 miles
February Total: 65 miles


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    I hope your hamstring isn't too bad.