Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Log: 5-5-14 to 5-11-14

I'm excited to add a new mountain trail race to my calendar - the Mount Greylock Trail Half Marathon.  I did the short race (there's a 5K Pard will be doing this year) back in 2005.  I wasn't running too much then and I was afraid of the long race, especially after seeing how much the course climbs to the summit! 

I'm ready for it this time.  Three miles straight up and then the rest all down.  Should be a blast! 

I entered this week a little fatigued after the epic adventure on Saturday.  My body doesn't seem interested in doing any climbing, which is fine.  I'll do what it says, unless Mike Galoob talks me into something different. 

Monday: 10.5 miles - Wakefield mix of bike path, roads, and trails with Galoob.  A fun run on a warm day.  We hit up most of the Tri-Pond trails, a little Potter Woods, and Teft Hill.  Ran by middle schoolers on the bike path who just HAVE to comment when you run by.  So annoying.  The pace was a little faster than easy for me today.  Total time: 1:18:51. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Mindless zigzagging on the west side.  Warm but windy.  Total time: 1:12:41. 

Wednesday: 15 miles in two runs.  First, I met Galoob at the CCMS track for an early morning workout.  I didn't know what to expect, other than it would be something from Daniels.  Well, I was wrong.  Mike had scoured the internet and found an interesting article from Nate Jenkins about workouts.  So we did one of those: 8x600 @ goal 5K pace with 200m recoveries at a decent pace, followed by 1 x 200 all out.  This gives you 5K of goal 5K effort.  I figured I would use my I-pace for this, so still using Daniels principles I guess.  My target was 2:03 for the 600's and 60s recoveries.  Results: 2:01/2:01/2:01/2:00/2:01/2:01/2:01/1:59 with 56/57 average recoveries.  I then did a 32s 200 for a total 5K effort time of 16:37.  Boom!  2.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 8 miles. 

In the afternoon, I did a recovery double at Calf Pasture Point.  .9 miles of bike path to the point loop.  The loop is about .75 miles of wide double track, 1.25 miles of soft sand (today anyway), and .3 miles of bike path.  I did two loops.  My legs felt way better than I thought, and my pace was faster as well.  Fun easy run in the sun.  7 miles in 54:39. 

Thursday: 10.5 miles - Narragansett roads and trails mix with Galoob.  After many random texts trying to figure out if we could meet up for a run somewhere, I decided to pick up the phone and CALL Mike.  It was weird.  Anyway, we met down in Wakefield at the Wakefield Mall.  We ran roads over to the Canonchet Farm Trail.  We followed that down to 1A, and then ran up to the new Nature Conservancy trail down to the ocean near Camp Varnum.  The camp was full of local law enforcement vehicles wondering what two guys in bright orange were doing running outside the fencing.  We then dropped down to the trickier rocks and ran back to the trailhead.  Mike picked up the pace, and I was working a bit to stay with him.  We then ran around some fields near the Narrow River before making our way back on roads to the CFT.  This time, the pace was brisk on the trail.  We were moving fast.  Surely I would set a PR for this trail.  Hopefully Mike would let up when we reached the road.  Nope.  We cruised up Mumford Hill in 6:30 pace before finally reaching our cars.  This run turned into some sort of workout.  The last four miles were in the 6:40's, even though it included the CFT and the long hill.  Total time: 1:12:51. 

Friday: 0 - first zero since February 19th.  This was not planned as I was at Ryan Park ready to run when I received a text from my wife that she had to stay late at work and I needed to get the kids off the bus.  I still had things to do at work (Hi Mike B), so I went back there first to finish up.  No big deal since my body feels fatigued. 

Saturday: 15.5 miles - Burlingame long run with Jeff, Muddy, Seth, and Mikes B & G.  It was humid!  We ran from the picnic area up Sammy C's, around the north camp loop, back down to Schoolhouse Pond and then the full length of Secret.  I had stashed water at the red gate, so we all stopped there before deciding which way to head next.  Galoob talked the guys who wanted to run "short" into a loop of north Burlingame.  I was talked out of a 3 hour run when my body wasn't feeling strong.  My feet and lower core were tight and fatigued.  Oh well.  I need to listen to my body to stay healthy.  We ended up returning on Sammy C's and got in a little over 2 hours of quality trail running.  Thanks to everyone who joined me.  Total climbing - 941'. 

Sunday: 9.5 miles - Burlingame loop after dinner alone.  It was an action packed Mother's Day spent mostly outside in Tiverton.  I figured that I would zero today, but a window of opportunity opened after the Mom activities had concluded.  Off I went, donning just shorts on this warm evening.  My lower core felt tight, as did my feet.  I just pushed on at a controlled pace running mostly on the north side of the park, hitting up the River loop, Ledge hill, a little VG, the north camp loop, and my favorite portion of Sammy C's.  One funny moment was when on a very remote double track trail a large black mammal emerged from the woods.  I stopped and froze, and then relaxed when I realized it was a black lab, and there were some humans around the corner.  I'm not used to seeing anyone here, especially on a Sunday night.  Total time: 1:17 with 660' of climbing. 

Overall: Interesting week.  My body is now feeling tired.  I'm not surprised by this, but it is weird that it felt so good for the previous heavy mileage weeks.  I'll just train appropriately. 

Weekly Total: 70 miles
Last Week: 72 miles
Year to Date: 1184 miles
May Total: 108 miles

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  1. That Greylock race looks awesome. We used to run those trails in college, and they are not easy. Definitely your kind of race, though. I expect big things!