Monday, March 16, 2015

Week in Review: 3-9-15 to 3-15-15

This was a strange week.  My son and daughter began the week still sick and I ended up catching a version of it on Monday night.  Despite feeling not 100%, after a day off, I felt okay running again.  We had three straight days of 50+ degree weather to begin the week.  Lots of rain at the end.  The snow is still sticking around.  So much so that the Brrr-lingame race on Saturday was postponed.  The weather was so miserable on Saturday that I took a second zero for the week.  I rallied on Sunday for a long run. 

Monday: 5 miles - local roads after work, but before dinner.  Both kids home sick and my wife had to go into work for the morning.  My turn was in the afternoon so no run during the day.  I snuck in a quick run when I got home.  My GPS was off until the last mile.  This is somewhat disturbing to me since I was on roads.  I was moving well up and down the hills.  Total time: 33:50.  Began getting sick at night. 

Tuesday: 0 - sick day with my sick kids.  Beautiful weather unfortunately. 

Wednesday: 10 miles - Quonset roads alone.  My whole family was back to school and work today.  I wasn't feeling that peppy, but the weather was sunny and reached 60 degrees.  I decided to try running, knowing that if my body felt terrible, then it was okay to call it quits.  Running felt good which was really encouraging.  I explored the Quonset area roads since the bike path was still buried under snow.  Despite the lack of shelter from the wind, I found some quieter streets that were somewhat enjoyable.  A good place to do some longer tempo runs for sure.  Total time: 1:10:07. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Exeter paved and dirt roads alone.  I mapped out a potential new 10 mile route.  I wasn't sure if one of the roads was really a road, so  I knew I might have to go to plan B.  That's what happened.  I parked at the Queens River Preserve and ran back towards Rte 2.  I then looped around South Rd to Williams Reynolds Rd to Mail Rd.  Since my plan of taking Hog House Hill Rd wasn't going to work (dead end dirt road at a gun club), I decided to go out and back on the dirt Kingstown Road.  I ran 1.5 miles down and then turned around.  Again my watch failed me as the back was a tenth of a mile shorter than the out.  Also my watch was showing a slower pace.  I was running steady throughout the run and I was again frustrated with technology.  I returned to my car on School Land Rd (dirt).  Total time 1:08:02.  Peppy run. 

Friday: 11 miles - Saunderstown hill workout alone.  I made this one up as I went along, first thinking I would do a mix of some hilly roads, shoreline, and mushy trails.  I ended up parking at Rome Point, running up the hill on Rte 1A, and then doing out and backs on the hilly bay side roads.  I was feeling pretty good today, and decided to push really hard on the first steep hill (Plum Point Rd).  I was happy to improve my CR by a couple of seconds.  This sprint took a lot out of me.  I then did the hills on Fleetwood Drive, Plum Beach Road, Champlin Road, and Cottrell Road.  I pushed the ups and tried to keep a steady pace on the flats and descents.  I repeated Plum Beach, Fleetwood, and Plum Point hills on the way back to my car, throwing in a hard last mile just to complete the torture.  Total time: 1:16:37 with 1,332' of climbing. 

Saturday: 0 - it was raining when I awoke and the early morning was my window to run.  I stayed in bed, made French toast for the family, and had a lazy day with the kids. 

Sunday: 20 miles - long run in the Weekapaug area.  I met 7 other guys at FiveK's house for an hour group run.  My plan was then to keep running with whomever was interested.  I had checked out a 3 mile segment in the Shelter Harbor neighborhood that was labeled as a race in Strava (looked like the Davenport's and friends had done it together on July 6th).  I had the idea of running this race segment hard after 10 easy miles.  The group run was fun, although it took quite some time for my legs to warm up.  We finished up 8 miles in exactly an hour and then I headed back out with Muddy.  He joined me for two miles to Shelter Harbor and then I was alone for the rest of the way.  I began running hard.  It was a long straight down hill to the water.  About halfway through I had the thought that I already started the segment wrong.  Doh!  I messed up again and ended up having to turn around at the community dock dead end.  I then did my best to capture the spirit of the segment running up down and back up to the top of the hill.  I was again getting frustrated with my GPS.  Surely I was running much faster than what it was saying.  I was trying so hard.  Anyway, I reached the end and took a moment to catch my breath.  My watch only had me running 2.8 miles.  I totally messed up the segment so I don't really know how I did.  At least the effort was there and I guess that is what counts.  I was feeling energetic after this, but my legs definitely were slowing down.  I made decisions to make my run longer and headed back down to the Weekapaug shoreline.  I decided to throw in another mile plus hard effort (I wasn't sure how long, but I thought there was a segment for the length of Noyes Neck Rd).  I wandered around, watching some big waves being surfed at Point Panic.  I then began my hard push up Noyes Neck Rd after 17 miles of running.  The road ended up being just a little longer than a mile, and I was happy to have my watch show my pace just under 6 minutes.  I regrouped again, and then ran another couple of circuitous miles back to FiveK's house.  Total time: 2:26:06. 

Overall: I was happy with the long run and the hill workout.  I'm glad everyone in my house is back to normal.  I'm impatiently waiting for the snow to melt off the trails. 

Weekly Total: 56 miles
Last Week: 63 miles
Year to Date: 711 miles
March Total:  123 miles

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