Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wapack Training Block

The Wapack 21.5 Mile Trail Race is just days away.  The hay is in the barn.  Here's what I've been up to the last three weeks. 

Week of 4-13-15 to 4-19-15

M 4/13: 12 miles - mix of WG/EG roads and Big River trails.  Plenty of hills too. 1:28:51 501'
T  4/14: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails. 1:15:33
W 4/15: 12 miles - easy dirt roads of Big River. 1:33:55 400'
T  4/16: 12 miles - 3 x hilly road 5K with 3 minute recoveries.  Huge workout.  I remembered doing this with Galoob, Muddy, and Gunshow 2 years ago.  That time we did the first two 5K's at a controlled pace, but this time I did them all at a hard tempo feel.  The 5K loop (measuring 3.13 miles on my GPS) begins at the base of Yawgoo Road (steep enough for a ski area).  It climbs 165' in .3 miles with an average grade of 11%.  It completely sucks the life out of you and then you need to run fast.  There is another decent hill plus some sneaky rollers at the end.  Here's the elevation profile:

"Yawgoo 5K" course
Like many days during this heavy run cycle, I was not too motivated at the start.  After just a mile warm up, I jumped into it.  Adrenaline made me hit the big hill too hard.  It would be my fastest ascent of the day by far, but I paid dearly for it.  I struggled to get my wind back as I tried to run fast.  I wasn't really happy with the way this one felt, but was pleased with the 18:59 split.  I slowly jogged for 3 minutes and then began #2.  This time I was more deliberate on the climb, trying to save myself for later.  It worked.  I was speedier and felt better the rest of the way and finished with a 19:04.  After another 3 minute jog with self pep talk I headed up for #3.  The big climb was even slower this time.  I liked that my body still felt strong on this effort, even though I felt like I was playing catch up with my time.  I completed this one in 19:01.  I was unbelievably pumped after this workout.  3 x 5K with 3 minute rest at 19 flat is no joke on a flat course, never mind this one.  Confidence booster for sure!  1:18:41 818'
F 4/17: 12 miles - Big River trails.  I ran the mtn bike time trial Muddy Bunny course.  Very fun on tired legs.  Endless twisting on decent footing, but with some tricky spots sprinkled in.  I then continued to twist away on some of the seldom used middle trails.  1:36:29 926'
Big River Twist
S 4/18: 9 miles on two runs.  5 miles out and back from my house on roads in the morning.  4 miles out and back on the South County Bike Path with my kids on their bikes. 
S 4/19: 10 miles - Monadnock Sunapee Greenway trail out and back with Greg.  Happy birthday Pard!  The Hammett clan gathered in Stoddard, NH to celebrate.  After a huge midday meal, Greg and I did a run from the Pitcher Mtn parking lot north to the summit of Jackson Hill.  I was surprised at how much snow was still around in the hemlock groves, especially considering how warm it was.  Despite the full stomach, we had a lot of fun.  1:20:55 1,413'
Snow on the dark side of Pitcher Mountain

Jackson Hill summit


Week of 4-20-15 to 4-26-15

M 4/20: 9 miles - Stoddard, NH dirt roads with my wife.  Last 30 minutes solo.  1:19:27 703'
T  4/21: 10 miles - Big River trails.  1:18:41 565'
W 4/22: 11 miles - dirt hill repeats.  Nice and steady on a warm day.  1:22:57 1,522'
T 4/23:12 miles on two runs.  5.5 miles solo in the morning on Burlingame trails then 6.5 miles in the afternoon with Muddy on campground trails. 
F 4/24: 20 miles - out and back on the Narragansett Trail from Lantern Hill.  Fantastic long solo training run on rugged trails with decent hills.  2:57:49 1,976'
About to climb High Ledges (in background)
S 4/25: 4 miles - local road shakeout in 29:12.  Browning Mill Pond cleanup in the afternoon with my family and the in-laws. 
S 4/26: 9 miles on two runs.  First one was running with my daughter biking in Ninigret Park.  The second was on my new Shumunkawall trail on my property after designing, raking, and cutting it most of the day.  It took me 12 years to final do this.  I'm really happy with the result, and family and friends have enjoyed hiking it too. 
Shumunkawall switchbacks

cliff edge finish

Week of 4-27-15 to 5-3-15

M 4/27: 11 miles - trail/road mix with Galoob.  Peppy pace through Wakefield. 1:16:05
T  4/28:  8 miles - Big River trails.  Fun loop. 1:02:15 476'
W 4/29: 12 miles - trail/road mix with Gilbert Stuart Rd hill repeats.  1:23:56 1,324'.  Running with the kids biking at night. 
T 4/30: 8 miles - Carter Preserve trails with Muddy.  We explored the newly acquired land from United Nuclear and found lots of old sandy/dirt roads and trails.  1:08:39
F 5/1: 8 miles - Rome Point coastline out and back.  Good rock running practice.  Feet and ankles feel strong.  1:04:19.

Medium sized wet rocks around the point
small rocks and an amazing amount of slipper shells
big rocks south of the Jamestown Bridge

S 5/2: 10 miles - Burlingame with Muddy.  Fun morning run from my house.  1:16:40 533'
S 5/3: 7 miles - easy miles with my family on bikes exploring a small part of the Coventry bike path.  In the evening I ran with my daughter while she biked from our house. 

Wapack is Saturday, May 9th.  I feel like I'm as ready as I can be at this point.  I just need to run easy for a few days leading up to it. 


  1. You're ready to rock - I'd say you've covered all possible angles for a race like that, so enjoy it!!!

  2. Beast mode! Go get 'em, Jonny!


  3. Can't wait to hear the results! I'll be very close to you at a meet in New Ipswich, NH. Have fun. Hopefully, we'll see you this weekend?

  4. Thanks for pumping me up guys!