Monday, September 21, 2015

Catching Up on the Last 2 Months

Mixed bag of training over the last 2 months.  Lower mileage weeks were for races and vacation.  Elevation has been pretty good.  Pisgah write up forthcoming. 

Here's some photos during the time period:

40th party
 Birthday paddle/float on the Queens River
custom hand plane
NH vacation run up to Pitcher Mtn
day out on the Salty Puddin'
lobster lunch on the way up to lake house
father/son hike up Valley Peak - meeting everyone else down below in the harbor
relaxing on the lake
birthday boy on Dorr Mtn hike

Dorr Mtn Ladder Trail!
crazy fog over the islands in the bay
the kids all made it to the top of Dorr Mtn
father/son hike up Cadillace Mtn West Face

checking out the view during Cadillac Mtn climb

birthday girl fishing at the lake

foggy morning run up and down Great Pond Mtn with Brett

more hiking with family and friends
first egg from our chickens when we got home

after school beach trip with the kids

Labor Day trip to NH

bro run on the MSG

another after school night at the beach


  1. Jonny, I love that "lower mileage weeks" for you equate to 50s!
    Love the pictorial essay. Well, except for the close-up of you with the tower in the background. You look pretty intimidating in that one. I suggest you keep a face like that at race starts in the future; I'd probably just drop out.
    Fun summer!