Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, it's now been a week since my last run.  I stayed home Friday to care for my sick daughter - stomach bug.  Saturday was a repeat of Friday.  Sunday, the weather was still lousy and I figured I would have a big week of running coming up with the nice weather forecasted.  Wrong!  Monday, with my daughter still recovering, I stayed home for half the day and then went into work with no chance for getting in a run.  Okay - Tuesday will be the day.  Wrong again.  I woke up Tuesday morning with the stomach bug - mostly just horrible body aches and pains.  Wednesday,  I woke up feeling much better and I toyed with the idea of getting in a short run on my lunch break.  But, I decided that I wasn't really up for it.  Thursday will be the day.... 

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  1. Don't worry about disappointing your fans... we still love you! Have fun this week.