Friday, March 26, 2010

Rebound Week

It's been a good week so far.  Three nice runs and one day off of work spent with my family outside. 

Wednesday I was feeling the best I had in a while, so I decided to run 12 or 13 miles on my lunch break.  I ran the roads to Ryan Park, then did my 7 mile loop, and then took various roads back to the office.  My body felt a little stiff from my speed workout the day before, but I felt pretty good throughout the run.  It's funny how every run has it's own twists and turns.  On this one, somehow I turned down the wrong side road - I take great pride in my navigating ability - and had to turn around embarrassed.  An older gentleman told me to "keep it up".  Hopefully, he didn't mean taking wrong turns.  Once I hit the trails, I was amazed at the water level of the streams, ponds, and puddles.  I knew that we had the record amount of rain for March, including 3 or 4 inches the day before, but I was seriously questioning if I could complete my loop logistically.  It ended up working out.  Definitely a little sketchy in places and I ended up with a few nice scratches trying to avoid certain wet spots.  I felt really good when I hit the roads again (about 10 miles in), and decided I would try to make the run 13 miles.   I ended up going 12.7 in 1:34:42 - which averaged a 7:27 pace. 

Thursday, I had the day off because my wife had to work in the morning, and luckily it ended up being a great day weatherwise - sunny (clouds later) and up to 60 degrees.  My daughter and I played outside in the morning and watched a couple TV's (turkey vultures) and hawks (red-tailed?) soar over our house.  We picked up my son at school and then ate lunch outside on our deck.  This was followed up by a hike through our woods until my wife returned from work.  We loaded up the car and head to the South County Bike Path.  The kids did a short bike ride (with parents help) to a playground.  Unfortunately, the playground was a giant puddle.  This didn't stop my kids though.  My 2 year old daughter told us "I have an idea", and then proceeded to take off her shoes and socks.  My son followed suit, and they were both wading around this playground pond.  Kind of gross, but really who cares.  After rescuing my daughter stuck at the bottom of a tube slide (the puddle was really deep underneath), they hopped on their bikes and we went back to the car.  Off to another playground that wasn't underwater....  One awesome sighting from the car was an adult bald eagle flying not too far over the road.  This was pretty close to our house and near a large undeveloped pond.  Nesting maybe?  

Friday, I ran again from my office on my lunch break in rather miserable, dark, windy, 39 degree weather.  After conquering the initial desire to quit,  I ran on and fell into a great pace, despite my legs feeling a little sore.  I kept to the roads wanting to avoid all the water on the trails.  I was really hoping to be through with wearing a hat and gloves on a run again this year.  Oh well.  I maintained my speed throughout and picked it up a little at the end.  I weaved around the office neighborhood hoping to get 8 miles.  I did 8.1 in 58:48 - 7:16 pace. 

Off to my day long fantasy baseball auction draft tomorrow.  Hopefully a run Sunday? 

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  1. A solid run definitely includes scratches and bald idea is to always take your shoes off and wade through puddles...

    Hammetts have skills...=)