Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Week

I got two shortish runs in early this week.  My body was definitely sore from Sunday's workout, but I pushed through the sluggishness.  Monday, I drove up to Big River on my lunch break and ran my "loop" around Carr Pond.  I almost made it all the way around without getting off track.  I thought I had taken every right turn until I ended up someplace I didn't expect (but I did run into a big snake here).  Despite how my body felt, my mind loved running these trails.  Tuesday, with the temperature at 84 degrees, I ran the short loop in Ryan Park with Dan.  We took it easy for the most part.  Dan had an incredible sprint on the P!#$% Trail - he left me in the dust.  We hit it hard on the way back as well.  It's a nice little twist to an otherwise easy workout.  On Wednesday, I planned to run the trails of Rome Point and maybe jump in the ocean as a reward.  The drawback would be the mile plus jog in wet clothes (uphill) back to my car.  As I checked the weather, the idea or running seemed a little silly (and possibly dangerous).  At 1PM, the temperature was 95 degrees.  Okay, I could still run, but it would have to be slow, and it would take a lot out of me physically.  At 2PM, I decided to "run" to D&D for an iced coffee instead.... 

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  1. Wise move on the run to Dunkin for the cafe au lait...good to see that I wasn't the only one to choose Wed. to "rest and recover" too..=)