Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quality not Quantity

My mileage this week has been the lowest in quite some time.  Usually, I would be bummed about this, but not this time.  I did one fast 7 miler on roads, and then did three exploratory trail runs in Big River.  I couldn't stop going back.  Because of how far away it is from my office, I can't really run for too long.  But the quality of these runs is awesome.  My ankles were actually sore one day from the tough terrain, and I run trails all the time.  By the third day, I was able to comfortably navigate two thirds of the trail system.  There is still a section that I can't quite figure out.  There is a ridge that runs between the two ponds - Carr and Tarbox.  Getting to the ridge is easy, finding the way out is tricky.  Luckily, any trail is fun and challenging, so it's not the worst place to get lost.  Eventually, I will find the boulder filled stream that connects the ponds and then I can relax and climb the tough hill back to my car.  I can't reiterate enough how much I love running there! 

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