Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fishing with My Brothers and Nick Cash

This past Friday, my brothers and dad, Joel, and Justin chartered a fishing boat out of Galilee for my brother's bachelor party.  We spent 8 hours in glorious weather fishing off the north side of Block Island:

We caught striped bass for the first few hours.  Here's Glenn about to catch the first fish of the day while Greg watches:

The lunker award went to Joel with this monster:

Greg was a close second with this one:

The second half of the trip we bottom-fished for fluke.  Glenn landed the largest one on his first cast.  We caught 3 keepers out of about 40 landed.  It was an action-packed day!  After napping, BoJo met up with us for a little pre-dinner music session, followed by margaritas, calamari, and burritoes at Senor Flacos.  By chance, I ran into Nick Cash that night.  Actually (ha ha), I found him about as amusing as Joel does.  Fun night. 

Saturday, my wife cooked the fluke:

Yesterday, we entertained my in-laws and sister-in-law and my wife cooked up one of the big striper filets:


  1. Jonny, Great pictures and write up about the fishing trip. Sarah sure can cook, that fluke looked mouth watering! Good write up, now get back out there and run some miles. There's only a couple weeks left until the Blessing of the Fleet. See you then.

  2. Looks delicious....the only thing missing from that amazing buffet = some nice trashy scup fillets.

  3. I love a good food blog:) and I just want to attest to the fact that that grilled striper was absolutely delicious!! Your wife is an excellent cook!

    Love your new header too...

  4. How did she cook that fluke? Spinach wrapped with some kind of delicious sauce? Like everyone said looks incredible... Have fun trying to survive the heat. I'll see you on Saturday!

  5. I'm not exactly sure how she prepared the fish, but the fluke was wrapped in beet greens, and she roasted the beets (yellow not red) with carrots that she bought that day from a farm stand to go with it. The striper was cooked on a grill and then there was some delicious sauce we could add to it.