Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekly Log 11-14-11 to 11-20-11

Monday: 8 miles - Middlebridge and Narragansett roads alone.  I planned out a 11 mile route that went through the Bonnet Shores section of town as well, but I got disinterested on tired legs and dealing with all the traffic on Boston Neck Road.  At least the run along the Narrow River was fun, and it was a great day to be outside.  Total time: 59:53. 

Tuesday: 10 miles - Gravelly Hill trails with Jon Short.  We met up for the usual 6 mile out and back course.  The trail had heavy leaf cover, and this lead to inefficient sliding steps especially on the hills.  It was still a great run, with plenty of Lil' Rhody Runaround conversation.  We were interrupted by a couple of dogs (both labs).  One that wanted to run with us, and one that was scared of us.  Even with this diversion we made it out in 22:20 which is pretty fast for the trail.  We kept up the peppy pace on the way back and finished up in 45 minutes flat.  I was looking for a few more miles, so I went back for 4 more.  This time I took the longer perimeter trail and then turned around at the overlook (the ocean and Block Island still visible despite the grey day).  My legs were beat by the time I finished (26:00).  Total time: 1:11:00. 

Wednesday: 10 miles - Rome Point trails with Tom.  I was going to do an easy workout on the bike path as suggested by my brother, but I was talked into running the trails with my coworker.  We hit up the best trails in the park, and were going pretty fast (9:25 to the point).  After 32 minutes, I ditched my glasses and went back out alone.  I decided to get in my planned workout on the wide main path.  I ran 4x35 seconds (roughly 200's at a good but not blistering pace) down towards the water.  I then ran the shoreline past the bridge and back.  It was here that the steady ran began to fall.  I didn't mind, but  I was getting wet and a little cold.  I then ran 4x35 seconds again, but this time on gnarlier single track.  This was kind of exciting, but also scary as my vision without glasses and in the rain was rather poor.  I then hit up some more single track including the hill, and finished up my run in 1:13:20. 

Thursday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  This felt like an old school run.  I parked in the higher lot on Oak Hill Rd, and headed out on a lonely recovery run in an empty park.  It was grey, damp, and chilly (47 degrees).  This reminded me of my runs here years ago, when no one even knew I was running at work, and the park was barely used.  I want to take it easy the next few days for the race on Sunday, so I decided on a course that I wasn't going to be tempted to add miles to.  I figured I would run this in the low 8's, but when I finished I was in the high 7's - total time 54:46. 

Friday: 0 - on the fence about running, and I was talked out of it.  Legs still have lingering soreness and I want to be fresh for Sunday. 

Saturday: 0

Sunday: 12 miles - Lil' Rhody Runaround 8 Mile Trail Race - 52:38 9th Place. Separate write-up to follow. 

Overall:  Less miles than planned, but I wanted to be fresh for the race.  I was happy with my effort, but not excited about my time (but still a PR).  More miles next week. 

Weekly Total: 47 miles
Last Week: 53 miles
Year to Date: 2176 miles

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