Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Review, 2012 Goals

2011 was my third consective good year of running.  Okay, it wasn't good, it was fantastic.  The more I run, the more addicted I get (my wife tells me that there are alot worse things to be addicted to).  Once running becomes a daily routine, not running is hard to do.  My goal was to run 40 miles a week, and despite the challenging weather to begin the year, I was able to maintain that level until spring, and then the mileage increased from there.  I began running hilly roads consistently.  I did speedwork on the Quonset bike path most of the year (summer excluded).  My normal runs kept getting longer.  I did a few really long runs, and completed a brutal trail 50K.  Races were hard to come by until the fall.  I wasn't happy with my times the couple of races I did run, but I was setting PR's.  After the Pisgah Mtn Trail 50K in September, I got in more races, and was happy with every one of them.  I even won a small local 5K, on a course that fit my strengths - hills and wind.  I began weekly long runs with Muddy and Jeff, and joined the WTAC.  I surprised myself with a 18:08 5K and a 37:24 10K.  I'm confident I can improve on these in 2012.  Here's a look at my stated goals: 

1. 2,000 miles (40 miles per week) - most weeks I should be able to run 40 to 50 miles. There will be a few under 40, and maybe a couple under 30, but I think I can get the average at 40 for the year. CHECK
2. sub 19 minute 5K - I feel that I can make the leap this year to 18. CHECK
3. sub 1:30 half marathon - I think that I could do this tomorrow, but the fact is that I've never run a race at this distance, and if I did, I know I would want to be under this time. NEVER RAN THIS DISTANCE
4. try this local trail triathlon SAME DAY AS A WEDDING
5. do the Elijah tribute as described by my brother Glenn here CHECK

Possible or Possibly Silly
1. run a trail marathon or 50K - I'd like to see how I would do at this distance - maybe do the Pisgah 50K CHECK
2. finish ahead of Bentley just once in a race - this could be the year! FAIL - DAMN HE'S FAST!
3. start a company running team FAIL, BUT JOINED A RUNNING TEAM
4. win that new local triathlon - why not? - I know the trails - I have decent mtn biking experience and can run - need to work on swimming - maybe no one fast will enter it? COULDN'T DO THIS RACE, BUT I WOULD HAVE LOST TO GALOOB FOR SURE. 
5. get Nick Cash to follow my blog ACTUALLY I FAILED AT THIS TOO. 

1. enter an interesting race somewhere and make a mini family vacation out of it - maybe in Maine - I've got a couple in mind. NOPE
2. new local epic trail runs CHECK
3. find new places around me to run CHECK
4. stay mentally healthy - keep anxiety in check SO SO
5. keep running fun CHECK

For 2012, I'd like to run 2,500 miles again.  I'm not sure I can do much more logistically.  I want to run more races, now that my family seems to enjoy going to them.  My plan is to run all 5 of the 4th Season trail races this winter.  I also hope to contribute to other team races.  I want to try the Pisgah 50K again and get under 5 hours.  I might try the MDI Marathon.  I want to run a 17 minute 5K.  I want to continue to PR every time I race.  Most importanty, I want to keep running fun. 


  1. Sounds good Jonny! If you are doing the Pisgah 50K again- does that mean Sarah's thinking about the 23k? Hmmmm. Happy New Year!

  2. Great recap, Jonny! Love the Team WTAC gadget. As far as finishing ahead of Bentley just once, I think the best bet is to stick a few of those costumed dinosaur runners ahead of him and in his way at the starting line! Look fwd to 2012 runs with you.