Monday, April 2, 2012

Chariho 5K 2012

This was my third year in a row running the Chariho 5K - a small local race put on by a family friend's Relay for Life team.  Each year I entered hoping to reach a milestone, and each year I failed (see 2010 & 2011 write ups).  This year was declared sub 18 minutes or bust.  I was feeling confident with my recent workouts. 

I decided to run from my house to the event as a warm up - about 3.5 miles.  My legs felt tired and tight at first,  eventually I was feeling loose by the time I finished.  A surprisingly sunny day turned cloudy and cool with a stiff wind out of the SW.  I chatted with friends and family before running two laps on the track at a lively pace.  I ran around some more before the race began.  I lined up front with Justin, and chatted with Jon Short.  I wasn't sure who else would go out fast besides Justin.  I was ready to race. 

At the gun, I set out at my usual fast but controlled start.  I was in the lead for less than half a mile (pleasing my cheering kids), before I heard Justin catching up to me.  I was feeling really good at this point.  I hoped that I could stick with him for a while and have him drag me along to a fast time.  This didn't materialize as he kept speeding up and pulled away (looking really strong).  There was no one close behind me.  I rounded the corner onto Pine Hill Rd and my first mile was 5:42.  This is about what I expected.  There is the slightest of hills here, and I made a point to work harder as to not slow down.  Looping back to Switch Road, I then had to run the next mile into the wind.  Again, I knew I needed to work harder to keep up the pace, and this is what I attempted to do.  I passed my family walking the event and then reached the two mile mark - 6:04 split.  No! I couldn't believe how slow my second mile was.  I tried not to dwell on it, and continued my charge through the wind.  Eventually the course veers right onto the Chariho campus and around the schools.  I was working hard, but I had no one close to push me.  I reached the track (someone announced 17:02 as the time) and mustered a decent push around it, finishing in a disappointing 18:19.  3rd place didn't reach the track until after I had finished.  My kids ran over to greet me and just sat on the grass recovering and chatting with people as they completed their runs.  I won a shrub for my runner-up finish which pleased my wife.  My running keeps paying off.  I opted to get a ride back to my house rather than run the 3.5 miles (last mile all uphill). 

In conclusion, I once again left this race upset I didn't attain my goal.  I could make excuses and I'll certainly make one about the wind.  But, I didn't get it done today.  I'm happy with my training, so I'm beginning to think that I'm closing in on maximizing my natural ability at this distance.  I still should be able to get under 18 minutes.  My second mile continues to be my demise at the 5K, but even if I could have shaved 10 seconds off of it, I still was not going sub 18 at this race.  But as my wife point out, I did run over a minute faster than last year....


Pictures to follow(?)


  1. Keep your head up Jonny. Take the wind out of the equation and add more competition and you'll be under 18. Still a really good effort, workout, and sounds like it was a fun event.

  2. Shaving a minute off your 5k time every year is pretty boss no matter what arbitrary goal you set for yourself, especially since (from my perspective) you don't train for such a short fast distance. If you just did a little more speed work you'd be under 18 easy, or even easier...just wait till next year!

  3. Seriously, a minute faster than the previous year is a rather crazy improvement for a 5K. We have plenty of other opportunities to crush our goals. Maybe if you just drank a lot less beer and didn't eat so much food you'd be much fas.....ERR, wait, that's my own advice for ME!!!

  4. Nice job, Jonny. Sub 18 will come.