Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekly Log 4-16-12 to 4-22-12

Monday: 9 miles in two runs.  5 miles - Ryan Park trails at lunch.  86 degrees - hot and dry.  I was planning on 10, but work got in the way, but I was happy to keep it short in the heat.  Cool wildlife sightings: a black racer swallowing a baby garter snake whole, and a woodcock one step away from me.  4 miles - Burlingame trails with my wife in the late afternoon.  A nice relaxing run down to Watchaug Pond and back (loop).  It felt much cooler and the slow pace was welcomed. 

Tuesday: 9 miles in two runs.  4 miles - home trails in the morning before traveling to NH.  I was sweating like crazy on this hilly, twisty, technical workout.  I created a lap that includes a loop then another in reverse that was taking me between 4:22 - 4:29 to complete.  I have no idea what my true pace is, but this type of workout wipes me out.  5 miles - Stoddard, NH dirt road loop with Greg.  We were short on time and energy, but it was nice to get a run in with my brother.  We ran the roads around my parents neighborhood which includes a very long uphill. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - CHS track workout alone.  After a busy day in NH including a family hike on the Trout'N'Bacon Trail, I was able to slip out after dinner for a run.  I drove to the CHS track and planned the following: 4x400 8x200 4x400.  The weather was overcast and chilly, but great for running.  I had the track to myself until the end when another 30 something year old with a shaved head showed up.  I ran a mile warmup (7:37) and then got to work.  My expectation was to be slightly above 80 for the 400's and high 30's for the 200's, but I wasn't sure what would happen since my legs were slightly sore and fatigued.  The results: 81/82/83/82 38/38/38/37/37/37/38/35 83/79/81/79 all with 200 rest.  I was really happy.  The first 400's felt in control.  I felt fast on the 200's, and I was surprised I could keep up the pace for all of them (cranked the last one).  I felt the burn on the last 400's and also my form was beginning to waver.  Hopefully, this sort of workout will make me faster.  It was fun, if not a tad lonely. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Nice day.  Tired legs.  I ran the easier 5 miles first, and then decided to tack on the harder side.  I never felt great, but it's hard to not run on a beautiful day like this.  Total time: 1:19:37. 

Friday: 11 miles - Calf Pasture Point roads, trails, and beach and Mt View, Quidnesset, Potowamut roads alone.  A bit of exploration today on flat terrain.  I wasn't excited about running anywhere, but again I couldn't resist the fantastic weather.  I began by running around Calf Pasture Point - incredibly windy on the beach.  I hopped onto the roads of Mount View, and decided to explore the shoreline to the north.  I ran into a roadblock of a large stream (it looks big on Google Earth, but almost jumpable today).  Even if I got my feet wet, I couldn't get too much further - the shoreline ends with rock cliffs.  I turned around and fought through the headwind and back onto the relative shelter of the roads.  I ran past Fletcher Road (the usual road I take) and then went right onto Forge Rd.  Some spots are really scenic, but way too much traffic with no shoulder for my taste.  I popped out onto the main road to Goddard - maybe I'll explore there some other day.  I turned left and then left again onto Potowamut Road.  The road begins and ends in residential neighborhoods, but the middle is wooded with views of the Potowamut Resevoir.  I followed Potter Road back to the bike path and then to my car.  Tired legs again, but a decent run.  Total time: 1:27:00. 

Saturday: 16 miles - Hopkinton roads and trails with Muddy and Tom.  We met up at Exit 1 at the usual 6AM start.  Plenty of light, although it was foggy and muggy.  My legs were feeling fatigued from a busy week of running and my glassed kept clouding up, but this run was great.  We ran Rte 3, and then up North Road to the Canonchet Brook Preserve.  We wandered around there, and at one point near the old dump we ran by a large flat-topped rock that may be the one my brothers and I used to climb when we were kids.  My dad would park at the dump and then we'd hike in the woods.  We then ran down Stubtown Road to Ashville Pond where we ran the yellow dot trail.  It was fun running by the pond I learned to swim in.  I also remember fishing, canoeing here.  This trail may be my new favorite.  I remember hiking it once with my dad when I was like 6 years old and there being treacherous ice at spots.  The trail is tight and twisty, and mostly uphill.  It's extremely scenic, especially the mountain laurel jungles.  We popped out onto Canonchet Road and then looped back around North Road.  Before heading back, we entered the Long Pond - Ell Pond trail and ran (more like scrambled, slipped, and hiked) our way to the Long Pond overlook.  After a brief pause, we backtracked to the road, which for a while is dirt (much welcomed).  After the road became pavement, I could have stopped there, but I tried to stick with my partners.  Tom pushed the last mile.  Total time: 2:01. 

Sunday: 0 - rest day.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours outside in the morning doing yardwork.  It was not nice spending the afternoon and night with body aches and chills.  Hopefully just a quick 24hr thing my son had earlier in the week. 

Overall: Fun week.  Two trips up north with plenty of running sprinkled in.  Still recovering Monday, so I'll take another zero.  Pack on the miles later. 

Weekly Total: 62 miles
Last Week: 49 miles
Year to Date: 877 miles

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