Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Log 7-2-12 to 7-8-12

Monday: 0 - charter fishing trip with my dad and brothers, Muddy, and Chris.  Caught some good sized stripers.  Great day out on the water. 


my dad


Muddy and Glenn

Tuesday: 4.5 miles AM - 12 x home trail loop alone.  I woke up feeling pretty anxious today.  I decided to get a quick run in to relax.  I worked hard in the early morning humidity.  Total time approx. 35 minutes. 
               10 miles PM - Ryan Park trails with Boj.  I found out Boj was in RI, and on a whim I texted him to see if he wanted to run with me today.  We met up at the athletic fields at 1PM.  Warm, but not too humid.  We ran through the woods and then jumped onto the newer trails around the fields.  I knew he would appreciate the cool single track here.  We stopped briefly for a decent sized milk snake lying across the trail.  The pace was easy at first, and slowly got faster.  It was good to catch up and run again with That Guy Boj.  Total time: 76 minutes. 

Wednesday: 0 - I planned on running the Camire's race, but I couldn't fit it in with our travel plans to Cambridge for the day.  I was a little bummed to see so many familiar names on the results page - would have been a fun one. 

Thursday: 4.5 miles AM - 12 x home trail loop alone.  I carried my iphone to time myself (still watchless).  I decided to double again, since it should be kind of hot again today and I don't think doing 13-15 miles in the midday heat is a good idea (as opposed to the 10 I'm planning).  This is a very good workout.  Total time: 31:15. 
                 10 miles - Big River trails alone.  This is a repeat of last week's run.  I ran pretty hard today.  I never got hot, but just a little tired at times.  The trails were in fantastic shape.  Total time about 73 minutes. 

Friday: 12.5 miles - DuVal Trail tempo run with surrounding dirt roads recovery alone.  I missed the early group run today, so I had to run hard solo this afternoon.  I parked at the burial ground in Perryville in the mid afternoon heat.  I ran just with shorts, my brightly colored Free Runs, handheld, and iphone (as a watch and mapmaking machine).  My plan was to run the twisty hilly trail hard out to Red House Rd, slowly jog around the dirt roads as a recovery, and then run hard back to my car.  I executed this well, but it was challenging.  I began heading north through the burial ground and stayed straight at the 4 way intersection.  My legs felt a bit fatigued from yesterday and I was worried that it was more humid and hot than I anticipated.  I didn't have a good feeling about the run.  Anyway, I did this new trail that loops north and west and then connected with the western edge trail that heads back to the parking lot.  I then went north again on the old main trail and stayed on that until the end.  I was working hard, but I wasn't sure if I was going as fast I had hoped.  I was really tiring and happy to finish the trail in 33:00.  I'm not sure of the distance - close to 5 miles, maybe 4.75.  My shorts were drenched with sweat at this point.  I began jogging down Red House Rd towards Rte 110.  I was going slow enough for the deer flies to pester me, but at least I was feeling energetic again.  I was now going at a slow comfortable pace that I felt like I could maintain forever no matter the weather.  I ran  back towards the trail and then continued on the road south to a No Trespassing sign.  I turned around and followed the old dirt road through the SKLT property heading north.  I decided to explore, and continue north to a dirt road I remembered from a map.  This took longer than I expected, but was a pleasant trail.  I then headed east on the dirt road, only getting slightly nervous passing a sketchy house with "Beware of Dog" signs.  I made it back to the trail and it was time to get back to work (total recovery 24:41 - 3 miles).  I sprinted up the long first hill, feeling rejuvenated.  I kept up the hard effort, even catching a glimpse of 6:32 pace on my stupid GPS app (usually read 10-13 minutes pace).  I kept up this really fast effort until crossing Gravelly Hill Rd, then I started to struggle.  I managed to maintain the effort, but I was dying to finish, which was appropriately through the graveyard.  The return trail split was 33:08.  Total time: 1:29:49.  I'm really happy with this run, and was super excited the rest of the day. 

Saturday: 4.5 miles  - 12 x home trail loop alone in the early AM.  I woke up early enough to get a quick run in before the getting ready/packing up stage for our weekend trip to NH.  My legs were tight at the start, but loosened up quickly.  Easier pace than Thursday, but still moving swiftly.  Total time: 33:35.  Family evening hike up Pitcher Mountain.  Lot's of blueberries. 

Sunday: 0 - didn't get out the door early enough in NH to run.  We did an early AM family paddle on Highland Lake.  I talked to an ultra trail runner guy at the community pool and he gave me some ideas for running routes there.  Hot afternoon hike with Glenn and Gina to check out the crayfish in a nearby stream. 

Overall: light week of running (really only 3 days).  I'm finding that doubles are a good option on these hot and busy summer days. 

Weekly Total: 46 miles
Last Week: 58 miles
Year to date: 1480 miles

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  1. Nice DuVal run. You should try Strava, it's more fun than the other programs, I think, with its segment and leader board features. It also does a pretty good job of correcting GPS distance, pace, and elevation data from known topo maps.