Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Log 7-23-12 to 7-29/12

Monday: AM - 4 miles - Hilly Home Road Loop alone.  I haven't run this course in a long time.  It wasn't my plan when I headed out the door, but after running a good pace up the first hill from my house, I decided to do the loop and see what sort of time I could get.  I pushed Kings Factory Road pretty hard, and wasn't sure what I had left for the long gradual climb up Shumankanuc Hill Road.  I dug in and ran this hill about as hard as I could - 6:29 mile.  Total time on the 3.67 mile route was 23:24 (6:23 ave. pace).  My previous best was 23:43 back in April of 2011. 

PM - 7 miles - Ryan Park trails (6M) and road (1M) alone.  An easy recovery run in the afternoon.  Total time: 57:01. 

Tuesday: AM - 9 miles CHS track workout with Mike and Muddy.  After discussing the workout plan last night with Mike, I decided to do his plan of 1x1600/6x600 at goal 5K pace.  A thunderstorm moved through at about 5:30AM, but it did not bring more pleasant air, as it was really muggy out.  I began running laps as I waited for the others to join me, and ended up running 13 laps as a warm up.  After trying to figure out the 600 goal times in our heads, we began the 1600.  My plan was to run at 5:45/mile pace.  I didn't have my display set correctly on my watch, so I couldn't tell my splits as I ran.  I ended up right on target - 5:45.  This didn't feel that good - my legs weren't energetic and my stomach was growling.  This was frustrating as I fueled as I normally do.  After a recovery lap, we began the 600's.  My target time was 2:09.  Again, I couldn't tell my time as I did each interval, but I was super consistent:  2:06/2:07/2:06/2:07/2:06/2:06 (5:35-5:40 pace) 200 recovery.  I had trouble getting going on the middle two, so I kept my recoveries faster which helped on the last two (and they felt great).  Coold down consisted of a bunch more laps until I realized I need to go home.  I really enjoyed this workout.  PM - zero.  Really hot and humid.  Met the family at the beach after work. 

Wednesday: 7.5 miles - Rome Point trails and beach alone.  My legs are sore in places from the workout yesterday.  My plan on this dry sunny day was to just do an easy run.  Honestly, I wasn't really enjoying it until the end.  I'm kind of bored of the trails here.  Total time: 1:00. 

Thursday: Planned zero.  Resting up for the 10 mile trail race on Saturday. 

Friday: 7.5 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  My legs had no residual soreness from the workout Tuesday.  I kept the pace easy again, but peppier than Wednesday.  It was extremely muggy out and hot.  Total time: 56:56.  Awesome evening with family and friends down in Galilee for my wife's birthday.  Did not run Blessing. 
Saturday: 13.5 miles - Run with the Beavers 10M Trail Race - 4th Overall.  Separate write up to follow. 

Sunday: 11.5 miles - Burlingame trails alone in the afternoon.  Unexpected great run.  I left my house a little before 3PM feeling tired, but not sore from yesterday's race.  I began running the same course as last weekend.  I couldn't believe how strong I felt after about a mile.  I made quick work of Ledge Trail and then fought off the deer flies on the up and down North South Trail.  I ran down Buckeye Brook Rd and then jumped onto Vin Gormley Trail to Schoolhouse Pond Trail.  At the intersection with Sammy C's Trail, I decided to head south and make my run longer.  At the end of that trail, I headed back on Vin Gormley and then took the old trail back up to the bottom of Shumankanuc Hill Rd.  I pushed hard on this last hilly mile (6:22) as the rain began to fall.  Total time: 1:22:47. 

Overall: It felt tremendous to have such a strong race on Saturday.  My training this summer has paid off.  Can't sit back now with the Pisgah 50K looming.  More trails and hills! 

Weekly Total: 60 miles
Last Week: 62 miles
Year to Date: 1671 miles

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