Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Log 8-13-12 to 8-19-12

Monday: 3 miles - Hancock, ME dirt roads with my wife.  Easy run in the oppressive humidity before packing up and driving home from Maine. 

Tuesday: 9.5 miles - CHS track workout with Muddy, Mike, and Ben.  I got to the track a little early and began running in circles waiting for the others.  I ended up running for 3 and half miles.  Tired at first, I was ready for the workout.  Mike's plan was for 6x1000 (first 200 fast, then 800 at 5K pace) with 200 rest.  This very ambitious workout was truncated after it became apparent that it was too hard to finish, at least for me.  My first 1000 was 3:18 (36 sec first 200).  I couldn't duplicate that time however on the next 3:  3:21/3:22/3:25.  I'm happy with my times, I just wish the times went down instead of up.  Not having any experience with 1000's though, I shouldn't complain.  The short rest definitely was a factor as well.  Nice long cooldown that none of us timed or counted the laps - 3 miles at least. 

Wednesday:  3.5 miles - Westerly Fun Run - 1st Overall, 18:09.  I thought I might double today, but we had a busy family day (still on vacation!), so I was only able to do the fun run.  Originally, my whole family was going to run, but everyone was too tired, and it looked like it might rain (or thunderstorm).  No Jeff this week, so my dad, Justin, and Tom, were sharing his duties.  After a very brief warm up during the kids' run, I lined up for the 5K.  I tried talking Justin into running, and Tom was debating it (still working his way back from injury).  At the start, I navigated through a few teenagers and then was out in front.  After a couple of turns, I couldn't hear anybody.  Despite yesterday's workout, my legs felt decent.  Rounding the corner before the one mile mark, I heard people cheer someone fairly close behind me.  Who?  First mile was 5:28 or 5:29.  It was difficult to maintain my intensity the second and third mile.  No one was near me and I was getting hot and the air was thick.  I cruised along at a slightly slower pace than two weeks ago and didn't have a strong finish.  It turns out it was Tom catching up to me on the first mile, but he shut it down after that.  Fun chatting with everyone post run. 

Thursday: 11 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  It was nice to get back on the trails.  I began at the Vin Gormley Trail on the west side of Poquiant Brook and headed south.  My legs took a while to loosen up, but my pace was decent right away.  I ran to the campground and split off to the south to run the Brrr-lingame 15K course backwards.  I was happy to remember the turns, but the spider webs were obnoxious.  It was muddy in the usual spots, and wet because of the recent rain, but no more deer flies!  Total time:  1:22:32. 

Friday: 10 miles - Burlingame trails with Greg.  Strange day.  I went out for a run in the morning - a planned 6 mile hilly road out and back, but turned around after .1 miles because I wasn't feeling up to it.  I had the opportunity to run in the evening, and before I left, my brother Greg drove by my house on his way to my parents from NH.  I quickly called him and he joined me for a run.  We were both on the tired side, but had a great run.  The spiders are out of control.  Total time: 1:10:58. 

Saturday: 15 miles - Burlingame South Loop with Greg in the early AM.  We tried to get some other people to join us, but it was just going to be another bro run.  I met Greg on the VG Trail off of Buckeye Brook Rd, and then we headed south, on the same course I did on Thursday.  Instead of backtracking, we continued counterclockwise on the VG Trail until reaching Sammy C's Trail.  We started off at a good pace, and the run went well, even though my legs were still fatigued.  It rained for part of the run, but it was only enough to make a mess of my glasses.  I really enjoyed this loop.  Total time: 1:51:32. 

Sunday: 0

Overall: Decent week, although less miles than I'd like.  Good workout on Tuesday, and the Fun Run Wednesday.  Lots of trails after that. 

Weekly Total: 52 miles
Last Week: 40 miles
Year to Date: 1836 miles

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