Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Log 3-11-13 to 3-17-13

Monday: 0 - still feeling sick.  Went to doctor and he confirmed that I have a virus that I needed to let run its course.  Running will only make things worse.  Should be a few more days off.  At least I feel less anxious about things. 

Tuesday: 0 - first day without muscle aches/chills.  Feels good. 

Wednesday: 5 miles - form drills with Mike outside at URI.  This was my second day of feeling better, and I couldn't resist running in the warm (55 degrees) sun today.  Mike was doing something easy, so I decided to join him.  We worked on some easy form drills on the dilapidated outside track.  Basically, my form seems good.  It was fun to try something different.  Total time: 45 minutes. 

Thursday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I was a little nervous to see how I felt after running yesterday, but I had another good day.  I knew it was windy, but I was surprised that the temperature was only 32 degrees when I ran since the forecast called for low 40's.  Yuck.  I parked at the high lot on Oak Hill Rd, and then ran the single track out to the railbed.  I then did the usual "woods" loop.  My pace felt snappy and I felt very close to normal on this run.  It was chilly in spots, especially near the pond.  On the return I took the Rte 4 trail.  I was still feeling good when I finished up in 58 minutes. 

Friday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I wanted to do the traditional 10 miles from the athletic fields.  The weather was sunny and 40 degrees - not great for this time of year, but fine to run in.  I began my run and felt a little tired the first 2 or 3 miles.  This was a familiar feeling, not from being sick, but rather from having soda with lunch.  The feeling passed, and I decided to push the Rte 4 loop Strava section.  I wasn't going all out, but was moving pretty well.  I was tired by the time I finished up in 10:31 (9:43 is my PR and CR).  I continued on weaving around the single track.  Near the end, I pushed the roots Strava section in 2:18 (2:05 is my PR).  I was pretty pumped to finish and see my total time was 1:08:11.  I think this is a PR for me, and more importantly, I feel like my old self again. 

Saturday: 12 miles - Big River trails with Bob and Scott.  Bob sent me an email about a Big River run and it seemed like it would fit my schedule, so met him at 7:30 for a few miles before the 8AM official start.  It was colder than I had hoped and I wish I brought more clothes, but other than that the run was good.  Bob and I ran an easy loop and then met Scott back at the parking lot.  He was the only other person joining us on this fine morning.  I led the guys around Carr Pond since they were unfamiliar with those trails and most of them should be part of the upcoming half marathon.  The trails were in great shape - no downed trees and only the occasional muddy spot.  After running along the ridge between the ponds, Scott headed back.  Bob and I were able to continue on and connect up with Foster's Folly.  This is my second time in a row of finding the trail, so I think I have it figured out now.  Based on time, we decided to head back the most direct way after reaching the New London Turnpike.  Good run.  Total time: 1:32. 

Sunday: 9 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  My goal was to run down to and around the big pond loop to get 15 for the day and 50 for the week.  Reality set in, and I only was going to get an hour run in before traveling to Boston for the day.  My legs also were feeling tired - I guess getting used to running everyday again.  So I set off on an abbreviated run that was run at a nice pace on really fun trails.  I ran down the road and jumped into the woods near the beaver pond.  I ran out to Buckeye Brook Rd, and then ran down that briefly so that I could hit the fun single track along the ridge.  I continued on (VG trail) all the way out to the start of Sammy C's trail.  I passed about 20 mtn bikers who were all very friendly on this chilly (sub-freezing) morning.  Sammy C's was much quieter and really fun.  I'm assuming NEMBA had recently cleaned up the trail.  At one point I tripped and fell in the middle section.  I ran all sections before jumping onto Governor's.  This trail was hit hard by Sandy, and has not been used much since.  I was able to negotiate around the fallen trees, but I had to pay attention for branches.  I was happy to reach the main trail again and I pushed it up the switchback hill near the pond and back to my house.  Total time: 1:07. 

Overall: I was very happy to get my health back and string together some normal runs.  I wish I could have ran longer on Sunday to get 50 for the week, but it's not a big deal.  Hopefully, lots of miles next week with a couple of good workouts mixed in. 

Weekly Total: 44 miles
Last Week: 13 miles
Year to Date: 602 miles


  1. Welcome back to the land of the living, Jonny!

  2. Glad to hear you're recovered. Now we just need to get Muddy and Mike B off the injury list.