Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly Log 3-4-13 to 3-10-13

This is shaping up to be an epically weak running week.  The week began with two low mileage recovery runs.  I would have run more except family (stayed home with a sick kid on Monday) and work (too busy to get my "lunch" run in on Tuesday) got in the way.  I woke up Wednesday with my son's virus that included a mild fever.  Hopefully I can recover in time for my band's show on Saturday, but.the show will go on nonetheless.  And what about running?  When can I do that again?

Monday: 3 miles - 9 x home trail loops with my wife.  After staying home with my son, I was able to talk my wife into running with me at home while the kids got in their alotted screen time.  The pace was slow, but honestly my legs didn't mind after the 27 miles yesterday.  It felt good to run some twisty snow-less trails for a change.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles - Mews run with the WTAC crew.  We met up to use our Super 5K team winnings (gift certificate).  Some of us got there early enough for a short run, which included neighborhood roads and Thewlis Woods trails - a small SKLT property.  Gluttony ensued.

Wednesday: 0 - sick days are boring

Thursday: 0 - had to work despite feeling lousy.

Friday: 0 - still sick, hoping for some improvement for show tomorrow.  Someday I'll run again.

Saturday: 0 - 3 hour show at night with my band - 48 songs.  I felt decent. 

Sunday: 5.5 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I needed to get a run in to appease my mind.  I still don't feel 100%, but my anxiety has seemed to replaced my illness.  My run was okay.  It felt challenging, but the pace was faster than I thought.  It was nice to have dry trails and a warm sun.  I did the winter 2004 Pard and Justin loop.  At one intersection I could hear a runner coming up from behind me.  I assumed I was going to get passed, but as the trail began to climb, I pulled away.  Kind of fun.  Total time: 41 minutes.  I'd upload the map, but my watch seems messed up, and I can't upload my last two runs. 

Weakly Total: 13 miles
Last Week: 71 miles
Year to Date: 558 miles


  1. I wouldn't worry much about an easy week, you'll probably come out of it stronger and ready for some hard workouts. I definitely owe you those Hibernators I mentioned after Muddy and I drank up all the team winnings!

  2. Three days off in a row? You must really be hurtin'. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Holy Hell, hope you're feeling better, Jonny!!!

  4. I can't remember you ever running 13 miles in a week. Hope you're on the mend ...

  5. 48 songs! I hope you played some originals in that mix. I'm glad you're feeling better.