Friday, December 13, 2013

Slacker Blog Week of 12-9-13 to 12-15-13

I didn't mean to not post anything until Friday.  I had Monday and Tuesday off from work and stayed home with the kids (who had those two days off for conferences).  Wednesday and Thursday were really busy at work.  So here we are....

Monday:  9 miles - Burlingame trails out and back alone.  I was able to get out before dark for a run.  I'm loving the contacts especially on a day like this - drizzly and misty.  My glasses would have been annoying.  I parked at Buckeye Brook Rd and headed south in the non-hunting section of the park.  I ran the NST to the ridge single track loop and then back.  I'm not used to running this time of day and forgot how quickly it gets dark, even more so when it's rainy.  I was happy to be on familiar trails.  I did not fall. 

Tuesday: 7 miles - CHS track workout alone.  I ran after breakfast but before the snow.  My plan was to run a couple time trials and then mix in some short repeats after.  The track was frozen when I arrived.  Yesterday's rain was this morning's ice.  I began warming up, sliding away, trying to think of what to do instead.  After two miles, I noticed I wasn't really slipping anymore, and after a couple more laps, the traction seemed back to normal.  I really took my time warming up/recovering for each interval.  I did the 400 first.  I felt really fast the first 200 meters and then I kind of blew up.  I ended up with a 68.  I probably could be closer to 65 running smarter.  I wish I was faster, and I'll work on it, but I wasn't very satisfied.  Next was the 200.  This one felt great.  Strong throughout.  The result was a 31 which is fine, but again a bit disappointing.  I thought it was faster.  Finally, I did a 100.  This is a fun distance.  I remembered doing a 100 for track and field week in gym class as a senior on the exact same spot on this track.  The result was about 14.5.  I did 4x50 flies after.  I look forward to more of this short speedwork. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - Rome Point trails/beach/roads with Dan.  This began as just a normal winter run in the park.  Then we heard a series of close gunshots.  I thought it wasn't from the park, but land nearby.  A minute later we heard another round of gunshots this time very close.  We crossed the main path and headed up and over the hill.  Another very close burst of fire.  I told Dan I was going to take a long detour to get back to the car.  My guess it was a kid(s?) out joy shooting, but you never know.  We ran to the beach and headed south.  At Plum Beach we jumped onto the roads and ran back to our cars.  Nothing seemed strange at the lot when we got there. 

Thursday: 10.5 miles - Narragansett exploration with Galoob and Nate.  We ran a loop of various random trails and roads that connected to places we wanted to go.  There is a new Nature Conservancy property that has a trail connecting to the shoreline north of Camp Varnum.  Awesome place. 

Friday: 9.5 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  Everything was feeling good today and I enjoyed my time in the cold weather with the light coating of snow.  I ran a little longer than planned. 

Saturday: 0 - mostly planned zero.  Stacked wood. 

Sunday: 10 miles - Christmas 10K - 4th overall, 35:37.  PR but not a great race.  Ran alone with no one to chase and no one pushing me (much smaller field this year due to the weather).  Slowed down last 1.2 miles instead of picking it up (no Muddy to chase).  Still a 17 second PR.  Separate write up to follow.  Team WTAC dominance - 6 out of top 7 finishers, top two men's teams, top female team, numerous age group wins (including my dad!). 

Weekly Total: 53 miles
Last Week: 64 miles
Year to Date: 3097 miles

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  1. If that mileage is slacking I'm dead! Or do you mean not getting a post up, then I'm right there with you. Should be a fun blizzard 10K. Contacts are the bomb when it comes to rain!