Monday, December 2, 2013

Week in Review: 11-25-13 to 12-1-13

Another busy week and another late blog post.  I knew going into Thanksgiving week that  I would have trouble packing on the miles.  I was able to compensate by doing some good workouts in various settings. 

Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park with Dan.  Normal run that was nice to have some company on. 

Tuesday: 8.5 miles - SK bike path and trails with Galoob.  We met up at TriPond park and ran the trails on both sides of the bike path before heading up to the Curtis Corner ball fields and further on to Potter Woods.  On the way back we did 6 strides with walking recoveries using the width of a lacrosse (?) field.  Time to prep for short distance speed. 

Wednesday: 12 miles - South County Bike Path longish tempo-type run alone.  I was bummed out that today was the only day I had the time to run long, but the weather was terrible.  Windy and 3 inches of rain.  I decided that the bike path would be better to run on then soaked trails and puddled streets.  The wind wasn't too bad and the rain was mostly on the light side when I ran.  My goal was to run the 6 miles out towards the Kingston train station at a good pace and then run even faster on the way back.  My first three miles were in the 6:50's and didn't feel that great.  I had to stop at intersections.  I was feeling slow and tired.  Finally I saw improvement in mile 4 (6:28) and then kept it there until the turnaround point.  I then tried to pick up my pace and ran low 6's the rest of the way back.  The miles passed rather quickly.  I was soaked, but not cold.  I really hate stopping at intersections.  Overall average pace was 6:27. 

Thursday: 7+ miles - Carter Preserve with Nate in the early morning.  We met up for an easy hour on the fun trails at Carter.  We even kept the grassland mile easy.  Good stuff. 

Friday: 9 miles - Cambridge parks alone in the early morning.  The kids woke everybody up early at my sister-in-law's apartment so I decided to head out for an early run.  My plan was to run in two nearby parks, and sure enough there were Strava segmens to hunt.  I was excited to get some speed work in.  The first one was an almost 1 mile loop in Danehy Park.  The first thing I noticed was that it was cold, and my lungs were not acclimated to the cold air yet.  I ran a smaller loop hard.  This wasn't on purpose, but served as a good first interval of about a half mile.  I then jogged the full loop to make sure I understood where to go.  Then it was go time.  I ran pretty hard, scaring dog walkers along the way.  I ran the loop in 5:21 and a Strava CR.  Now to head over to Fresh Pond Park.  After playing Frogger trying to find the entrance I was ready to begin this long segment of about 2.5 miles.  This is a popular running loop and there were 108 people on the Strava leaderboard, including a CR that was too fast for me.  Anyway, I ran the loop at 10K pace feel.  My phone app was showing 5:40's pace most of the time.  I finished up in 14:35, good for 2nd place overall.  Turns out the top guy did a shorter version of the loop, so I wasn't as far back as I thought.  I then had to figure out how to get back.  Good workout! 

Saturday: 9.5 miles - Pitcher Mountain dirt/paved roads and short trail alone.  I ran on this cold morning (10 degrees when I began, 4 degrees when I woke up).  I did this run this past summer.  It's 4.7 miles uphill from Highland Lake to the summit of Pitcher Mountain.  The total elevation gain is a little over a 1000 feet.  It seems daunting before and during.  The run went well as I was warm enough and kept a good pace until the steep trail at the end.  I was slowly grinding up the hill, but the trail became icy.  I had to walk one section and slipped once. 

I stopped at the top to upload my data (no service down below) and take a couple of photos.  Then it was time to head back down.  The other trail down was easier, but still treacherous in spots.  It felt good to let the legs loose on the roads.  Tough run. 

view of Pitcher Mtn fire tower from Rte 123
view to the north (towards Sunapee)
view to the south (Monadnock)

Sunday: 4+ miles - NH dirt roads with my wife.  This was an easy recovery run (except for the hills) through the neighborhood.  Roads icy in spots. 

Weekly Total: 60 miles
Last Week: 72 miles
Year to Date: 2980 miles

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  1. Good week Jonny. Thanks for coming up to meet your nephew and niece!