Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Year in Review and 2014 Goals

Here's a look at my stats for last year using the same format I stole from Muddy in 2012. 

Miles: 3236 (3004 in 2012, 2501 in 2011, 1396 in 2010)
Days Running: 328
Average miles per running day: 9
Days off for sickness or injury: 7 sick days, 0 injury days
Highest mileage week: 81 (week of September 2nd)
Lowest mileage week: 13 (week of  March 4th)
Average miles per week: 62
Miles by the month:  279.5/231.5/223/238.5/286.5/281/305/279/298.5/273.5/280/260
Average miles per month:  270

Here's what my goals were for 2013 and if I met them or not:

Sub 17 minute 5K MISS - ran 17:04 and 17:06 5K's
Sub 5 minute mile MISS - ran 5:02 at Bottone Track Mile
PR at every repeat trail race HIT - all 4th Season Series, Beavers, Pisgah 23K, and LRR!!
Run Pisgah 50K again (and train properly) MISS - ran 23K instead but failed at TARC 50K
Run a road half marathon (finally, and sub 1:20) MISS - never raced this distance
Run at least one more long trail race during the year HIT - ran Nipmuck Marathon and came in 2nd!
Run for WTAC in all local team races (and win!) HIT - fun team competing w/ mixed results
Take the KOM titles for the DuVal Trail and Gilbert Stuart Rd Climb MISS - DuVal turned into a turf battle between Garvin and Galoob and is way too fast for me, there is still a chance for GSR
Continue semi-regular long trail runs with my friends HIT - and added a few new faces
Team Hammett Brothers win at the Beaver trail race HIT - although technically Hammboj this year
This list could go on and on and on. I'm hoping for another healthy year (mentally and physically), and lots of miles!! HIT - stayed mentally and physically fit, and chased a ton of miles. 

Goals for 2014: 

I'm afraid that I won't achieve my potential at various road race distances because frankly I can't race all the time, and I love trail racing way too much when I can.  I'm pretty sure I could go sub 17 minutes in a 5K, but I need to run more of them.  I feel the same way about the sub 5 mile.  I'd love to put up a fast time at the 10 mile, half marathon, and marathon distances too.  Don't know if I will ever race these distances on roads though.  That's the reality for me.  Here are my specific goals:

Sub 5 minute mile
Sub 17 minute 5K
PR at every repeat trail race
3:30 Nipmuck Trail Marathon
Run a spring marathon/50K in any format
Win the Big River Half Marathon (unless my brother Greg races)
WTAC team wins for 4th Season Series, Super 5K, Christmas 10K, etc.
Run the full length of the Narragansett Trail
Run a long RI adventure run (southern half NST, Sea to Summit, Rte 1, ??)
Run at least one new Grand Tree or Mountain series race
Run 3000 miles
Continue early morning group runs with my friends
Keep having fun and stay healthy


  1. Congrats on an awesome 2013! Looking forward to a lot more long runs with you this year.

  2. That's one Hell of a 2013, congratulations!!! Killer mileage, awesome results...and a solid set of ambitious but totally attainable goals for 2014, good stuff!

  3. Great year! Quit your job and try for 5,000 miles this year!

  4. Great year Jonny. Take a day off, I dare you (what chicken) :)
    I like the run to work run you did this year - on bike to work week

  5. Congrats on a successful year, Jonny. Your consistency has made me numb to the sight of a 70-mile week. Also, I didn't know about the DuVal goal. Sorry for ruining that.

  6. Here's to many more early morning group runs with you! Best of luck in '14.