Friday, January 10, 2014

Resolution Week: 1-6-14 to 1-12-14

Resolution Beach and Trail 5K week.  I'm hoping for a strong performance on Sunday, but my body has been beat up as of late.  I began feeling better early in the week before knocking out two straight indoor track workouts.  I took the plunge, and grabbed a 3 month alumni membership to URI so I could run on the indoor track a couple of times a week.  I ran back to back days because of the cold weather, and I wanted a few easy days between speed work and the race.  The track itself is really fun.  My left leg is definitely sore from so many turns on the 200 meter track.  But my splits have been pretty good overall.  I do find the basketball courts tempting....

Monday: 8 miles - Narragansett roads out and back with Galoob.  This was an easy day, but my creaky legs made it challenging.  It was pretty warm when we started, but we ran into the wind.  The way back was faster, but the temperature definitely was dropping.  Good to have company on this damp day. 

Tuesday: 7.5 miles - URI indoor track workout with Galoob.  The plan was to jump into a Daniel's training schedule.  Today was going to be 4 x mile at I pace.  This meant 5:20 miles for me which seemed really ambitious.  I ended up bailing after 2 repeats and then just ran 400's, the first two at the same I pace, and the next two faster.  These seemed like a decent workload for me on this day.  My first mile was too fast (5:14) and my second was too slow (5:25).  I hated running 8 laps for a mile and I don't care to run mile repeats anymore after doing so many this fall.  The 400's were a better distance: 78/79/75/75. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - URI indoor track workout alone.  Another chilly day and I was feeling good enough (not great) to head back to the track.  My plan was to do either a 20 minute tempo or a workout of mixed short intervals at different paces.  I went with the short intervals since I will be racing 3 miles on Sunday.  The plan was 1x600 @ R pace, 2x400 @ F pace, 1x600 @ F pace, 2x300 @ F pace, 4x200 @ R pace all with what I would call long recoveries except 200 meters for the 200s.  My left leg felt pretty stiff from all the turning yesterday, but my legs had some life in them for the workout.  Results: 1:53/71/71/skipped 600/52/52/35/35/35/35.  I skipped the 600 @ F pace because I wasn't feeling up for it.  I also was feeling a little self-conscious as I was the only one on the track except for the URI women's hurdlers and sprinters and the basketball courts were filled with frat boys.  My target paces were 1:52/70/53/37.  I can't tell what I'm doing with my current watch, so I did a good job. 

Thursday: 11.5 miles - Rome Point trails and beach with Dan.  The plan was a long slow day.  I had the opportunity, and I've been feeling like a mileage slacker after compiling my data from last year.  My legs were beat.  Dan asked if I wanted to run with him.  This seemed like a good idea for motivation.  I followed him around Rome Point for an hour and a half.  It was nice to not have to think of the course and Dan really mixed it up. 

Friday: 7 miles - lunch loop of mostly trails or bushwhacking with Nate and Galoob.  A pretty dreary day - 33 degrees and light rain - so running with others was a major plus.  Mike was trying to show Nate an old trail to make some nice connections, but it ended up being a briary mess.  I was happy to reach the Canonchet Farm Trail.  The return included a dicey Rte 1 crossing.  Always interesting running with these guys!  Legs (mostly my left) still lifeless. 

Saturday: 9 miles - local roads and Carter Preserve trails with Jeff and FiveK.  Weird morning with darkness, warm temperatures, and icy roads and trails in spots.  We headed to Carter Preserve from my house and I was happy my legs were feeling close to normal again.  Narragansett Trail and the powerline were coated in ice which made things dicy.  We ran through the woods down to the grassland mile for a casual loop.  We then backtracked to the top of the powerline and back down.  We decided to take the longer way back (also hillier but I don't think I advertised it!) for a solid nine miles in the early morning. 

Sunday: 8 miles - Resolution Beach and Trail 5K in Narragansett, 5th overall, 18:53.  Really fun race: my son's first 5K, I ran better than I hoped, team win, interesting course.  Separate write up to follow. 

Weekly Total:  58 miles
Last Week: 50 miles
Year to Date:  91 miles


  1. Jonny, not to sound like a know-it-all, but Daniels would say that your mile repeats were too hard because they were over 5 minutes (the maximum he recommends for I paced work). You probably could have finished a 4 x 1200 at I pace. I just get excited by coaching malarky. The important thing is that you are consistently nailing mileage day in and day out (unlike me!). Great week! Have fun this weekend.

  2. Glenn's right. Now that I have the whole book I've read the part about limiting duration of intervals. That's what you get for blindly following web-pirated training charts. Shame on you!

  3. Glenn beat me to it. I also think doing an I paced workout and then an R/F paced workout on back to back days is really too difficult. T paced followed by R or I paced stuff is doable but I paced stuff is taxing and hard to do to a workout the next day. Happy running!