Thursday, June 12, 2014

Greylock Week: 6-9-14 to 6-15-14

Finally, a race week!  It's been awhile - since Big River in early April.  I feel confident in my training and current fitness, but thinking about a 3 mile climb up a mountain and running technical descents is intimidating.  I've done the work so now it's go time. 

Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  This is becoming the Monday routine.  Work is usually busy and I can't travel far.  Ryan Park wins over Rome Point most times as the local go to trails.  My body felt stiff at the start after taking a rest day on Sunday.  I hate rest days!  I mixed up the order of trails in a unique way and kept it fresh for the most part.  Peppy pace for an easy day.  Total time: 1:15:28. 

Tuesday: 8 miles - 10 x 400 @ R pace with Galoob.  Another early afternoon session on the old URI outdoor track.  Muggy day and overcast.   I talked Mike into meeting me here instead of at CCMS in the early morning.  I just haven't felt compelled to do workout day doubles like last year.  I'm getting plenty of miles in a week without doing them.  Plus things are busy at the house, at least until school ends.  Anyway, Mike came up with another plan for us to run together during the intervals.  I would do R paced 400's (75 second target) and he would do mile repeats at 5 minute mile pace.  I ran his first and fourth mile laps with him and cool downed for 2:30 during laps 2 and 3 and then we would cool down together for 1:15 between his mile repeats.  I actually liked the shorter rest between 400's.  I would feel sluggish on the longer rest ones.  As most workouts go, the pace and number of repetitions seemed daunting early on, and then I got in a great groove, and felt like I could do more. 

Results: 75/74/74/76/74/75/75/74/75/72

Total time: 56:30

Wednesday: 8 miles - Burlingame trail loop after dinner alone.  Long day.  I was a chaperone for my daughter's first grade field trip to Casey Farm.  The farm part I had done before, but the walk down to the bay (at Casey Point) was really fun.  There is a tidal pond that is a haven for small fish and other aquatic animals.  They used a net in the pond and we also lifted rocks on the bayside to catch countless small crabs.  I have to admit to some day dreaming about running.  How much further is this spot south of Rome Point?  Could I possibly connect on the lowest of low tides?  Could I run the trail back up to Rte 1A - the sign said it was open to the public?  Hmm.  After the field trip it was off to karate for the kids and possibly the first Westerly Fun Run.  Well, the last part didn't happen as the kids were too tired and my wife just ran during their class.  After dinner at home, I debated a short run or just bagging it since I was exhausted.  At about 6:30PM I just went for it with no real plan.  I ended up running to Buckeye Brook Rd and then running some of my favorite technical trails: Sammy C's to Schoolhouse Pond to Secret.  My pace was snappy, and I felt good blowing by two stopped mtn bikers on Sammy C's.  They didn't catch me after I heard them start back up in my direction.  Despite some sun and a late sunset, it seemed pretty dark in the woods.  My vision is not the best in dark conditions and it made things tricky.  No falls though.  I crossed Buckeye Brook Rd at the red gate and continued on through north Burlingame.  I kept running into people deep in the woods with unleashed dogs.  It was really weird.  My pace was now aggressive.  I finished up with the two climbs (one techy trail one road) back to my house.  Surprisingly fun run.  Total time: 58:43 with 560' of climbing. 

Thursday: 7 miles - Big River trails alone.  This was just an easy hour run on a sometimes rainy and muggy day.  Despite the easy pace my legs feel tight and sore.  I'm chalking it up to tapering/pre-race jitters. 

Friday: 7 miles - Calf Pasture Point and Mount View mostly beach out and back alone.  I decided to attempt to run rather than rest my legs and I made the right decision.  Not as much tightness today.  The run itself was a blast.  It began pouring almost immediately for just a few minutes.  I ran the trail out to the beach and the tide was rather low (thanks to the full moon tonight).  I ran north along the shore and decided to keep going in front of the Mount View neighborhood houses.  You can only pass on the lowest of low tides.  I continued north by Quidnessett CC and splashed through the large stream (since my feet were already soaking wet).  I made it to a very rocky area at exactly 3.5 miles.  I turned around today, but someday I will keep going and see how far I can make it.  I returned via the shoreline.  Nature highlights included a Common Loon (weird for this time of year), a snapping turtle, and a Little Blue Heron in Allen's Harbor.  Total time about 55 minutes. 

Saturday: 0 - busy early Father's Day alone with the kids.  I did a Father's Day karate class with them in the morning which was really fun and I didn't injure myself.  Then we had to take the cat to the vet (injured itself outside - will be fine).  After lunch, the skies cleared and we headed down to Misquamicut for the afternoon.  There weren't many people there, good waves, and the water is warm enough to stay in for a while.  Crashed a family party at Muddy's later that night.  Exhausting non-running day! 

Sunday: 15 miles - Mount Greylock trail half marathon.  6th overall, 1:51:38.  Incredible race with my dad and brother.  Separate write up to follow. 

Weekly Total: 55 miles
Last Week: 62 miles
Year to Date: 1519 miles
June Total: 121 miles