Monday, November 25, 2013

Week in Review: 11-18-13 to 11-24-13

A little late posting this with a busy start to last week and traveling over the weekend.  The weather has definitely changed to a more wintery feel.  I'll be honest and admit my desire to run every day has waned.  Running with others will help me get through the cold lousy days.  I should be able to mix in lunch runs with a few different folks, and mix in some longer group weekend adventures. 

Monday: 6 miles - Big River trails alone.  I was just looking for some easy trail miles post Li'l Rhody.  I was able to head over to Big River and ran the Turtle Loop, until I remembered there was a rabid fox seen nearby a few days ago and decided to head back towards my car. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Narragansett trails and roads with Galoob.  Hopefully the first of many lunch runs this winter.  We met at Boone Street and then ran some new marked trails and some that were not marked.  We ended up at Black Point and ran the trails there.  We then ran mostly roads back, with one trail section mixed in. 

Wednesday: 15 miles - local roads and Ryan Park trails alone.  Quiet day at the office so I got in a long run.  It was chilly, but I warmed up eventually.  I took some roads and the old rail bed to Ryan Park (3.25 miles) and then began wandering around there.  I was able to zigzag in a new way which was refreshing.  I then returned the same way back to the office, adding a little bit of roads to make my run longer. 

Thursday: 15 miles in two runs.  First, I got up early to meet Chris Garvin at the track.  It was very cold (22 degrees) and dark.  My legs weren't feeling very lively, and I wasn't sure how fast I could run in the frigid air.  The plan was our own version of the Oregon 30/40 workout.  We did 200's in 38 with 48 recoveries for 13 reps (5K total speedwork).  This workout was hard!  I think it would be much easier in warmer conditions, but it seemed impossible to complete as we were doing it.  We took turns leading every 2 laps.  Chris cranked the last 200 (31), but I could only manage a 37.  We did a good job on pacing throughout.  Total 5K time was 18:08. 

In the afternoon, I headed over to Rome Point for an easy recovery run.  The weather was decent, and I had a great run.  I saw plenty of seals, winter ducks, and two late Great Egrets. 

Friday: 11 miles - DuVal trails alone.  Half day at work, and the rain stopped enough for me to get a good trail run in before traveling up to Maine.  I parked at the cemetery, and I ran a loop of the trails on the west side of Gravelly Hill before hopping over to the other side.  I mixed in 8 hill sprints on this portion that lasted anywhere from 8 to 25 seconds.  At the far end of the trail, I took a break and ran the easier dirt roads.  I then ran back mixing in 8 downhill sprints - easier but out of control on this twisty trail!   I then finished up a loop of trails on the far side and was feeling pretty beat by the time I was back in the cemetery. 

Saturday: 9 miles - Westbrook/Portland trails, powerlines, and some roads with Brett.  I talked to my friend about Strava the night before and he seemed intrigued.  He wanted to go out in the morning and run some segments that he used to run as a kid.  He wasn't interested in connecting them by running, so this was classic segment hunting.  Being the good house guest, I obliged, but felt a little guilty doing it.  Each time I would run longer and explore.  We hit some good climbs on powerlines (I love them!)  and snowmobile trails.  Later in the afternoon, our families hiked around Mackworth Island that is also a popular running spot.  It has a mile and a half loop trail around the shoreline.  I had to run this and try to get on the top of the busy leaderboard. 

Sunday: 7 miles - Stroudwater Trail out and back alone.  Brett wasn't interested in running this morning with me, but suggested this trail.  It was super cold.  Low 20's, but felt like 0 with a strong wind.  There was some relief in the woods.  The trail was mostly single track and followed along a river most of the way.  I'll upload some photos later.  I was dressed in full winter gear.  What was missing was my winter running beard, and have since begun working on it.  The trail was a blast - twisty, short up and downs, the occasional technical section, some open powerlines.  The trail had recently been extended and next time I could run it from my friend's house without having to drive.  Great stuff. 

Overall:  A fun week with plenty of variety.  Turkey week looks a bit dicey weatherwise.  I hope to get a couple of good workouts in.  Not sure about how many miles. 

Weekly Total: 72 miles
Last Week: 45 miles
Year to Date: 2920 miles

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