Friday, January 2, 2015


What a crazy, busy month!  I was swamped at work (yes, I work).  The kids had lots of after school activities.  I took on some volunteer side positions.  It was Christmas season.  My anxiety was getting out of control early in the month.  Running is always a challenge in December.  This one was no different.  It's not the weather.  It's just finding the time and motivation with so much other stuff going on.  I've learned to accept this.  I did rejoin the URI gym so that I can use the indoor track this winter.  I even did a lot of running the last two weeks while on Christmas break.  The month ended up being pretty decent running-wise.  I feel healthy, motivated, and confident heading into the new year. 

Week of December 1st:

12/1 Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  Total time 1:16:12. 
12/2 Tuesday: 10 miles - Rome Point trails, coastline, and some roads alone.  1:18:26. 
12/3 Wednesday: 11 miles - Pardon Joslin Rd hill workout (5 up and down repeats) alone in the rain.  Trail warm and cool down.  Total time 1:20:13 with 1377' of elevation gain. 
12/4 Thursday: 0 - crappy weather, feeling stressed
12/5 Friday: 9 miles - Calf Pasture Point and Pojac Point low tide coastline exploration.  1:12:11. 
12/6 Saturday: 0 - busy day
12/7 Sunday: 3 miles - home trail loops alone in fading light.  22:59. 
Weekly Total: 43 miles

Week of December 8th:

12/8 Monday: 4 miles - OMF trails recon alone.  Stomach issues cut this run short.  30 minutes. 
12/9 Tuesday: 8 miles - URI indoor track with Galoob and Keven O.  Reality check.  Tried to do their 3 x mile @ 5:20, but it became apparent that was too much for me.  Did a cut down and tried to keep it near I pace.  1600/1200/800: 5:22/4:08/2:45.  Total time 53 minutes. 
12/10 Wednesday: 3 miles - home trail loops in the dark with a headlamp.  23:02. 
12/11 Thursday: 8 miles - URI indoor track alone.  Planned T pace run turned into 2 miles in 11:36 then 6x200: 33/34/34/34/35/34.  Legs felt tired from Tuesday, but happy with this workout. 
12/12 Friday: 5.5 miles - Carter Preserve trails alone.  Late afternoon run in fading light.  43 minutes. 
12/13 Saturday: 12+ miles - DuVal/Browning trail loop with Gazelle and Garvin.  Fun early morning run on great trails.  Excellent company.  Total time 1:32:38 with 615' of elevation gain. 
12/14 Sunday: 10.5 miles - Watchaug Pond bang alone in the early AM.  Good mix of roads and trails.  Peppy.  1:10:38 with 467' of climbing. 
Weekly Total: 51 miles

Week of December 15th:

12/15 Monday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  1:18:32. 
12/16 Tuesday: 8 miles - OMF trails alone and then some trail clearing with Galoob.  1:02:56. 
12/17 Wednesday: 9 miles - Quonset Bike Path workout alone.  2 mile/1 mile: 11:22/5:34.  Good workout.  I didn't look at my watch on the 2 mile and was happy with how the overall pace felt.  Total time 1:02:56.  Cool down around Calf Pasture Point. 
12/18 Thursday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  1:19:00. 
12/19 Friday: 4 miles - Calf Pasture Point short run.  Watch fail.  28:26. 
12/20 Saturday: 4 miles - Burlingame campground paved & dirt roads, and trails with my son (on his bike).  Fun father/son day while my daughter was doing a horse camp.  40 minutes. 
12/21 Sunday: 10 miles - OMF Trail 5K.  19:27, 7th overall.  See separate write up. 
Weekly Total: 55 miles

Week of December 22nd:

12/22 Monday: 6.5 miles -  Burlingame trails in the dark (headlamp on way back).  Super fun and cruising the entire time.  44:37. 
12/23 Tuesday: 10.5 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  Another awesome outing on some of the best singletrack around.  1:20:18 with 600' of climbing. 
12/24 Wednesday: 9 miles - CHS track workout alone.  6x400 @ R pace with 200 recoveries then 4x200 fast with 200 recoveries.  This was a tough workout.  Afterward, I realized that I should be resting more for R pace.  I'll be smarter next time.  Results: 73/74/73/74/74/74 34/33/34/34.  Very pleased with the results.  I worked for them.  Trail warm up and cool down. 
12/25 Thursday: 8.5 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  Merry Christmas.  Stuck with my favorites spots.  1:03:47 with 457' of climbing. 
12/26 Friday: 16 miles - Nooseneck 18K.  Hilly free road race I did with Muddy.  I went out hard and maintained a hard effort throughout until mile 9.  "Stomach issues" made me slow down a bit the last two miles and I almost jumped into the woods at one point.  I stayed the course and then pushed the end of the final hill to not get caught by Jackman from behind.  My final time was 1:09:12 - 4th place overall.  I think I was going to catch Brian McNiece on the final climb if my issues didn't pop up.  He finished just under 1:09.  Fun cooldown with Muddy and Matty P.  I may do a separate write up for this.  Stay tuned. 
12/27 Saturday: 9.5 miles - Burlingame trails with Muddy in the early AM.  Thanks to our wives for concocting this plan for us to run together for the second day in a row.  1:10:48 with 620' of gain. 
12/28 Sunday: 7 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  Shorter run after my wife's run and before Hammett Christmas.  56:04. 
Weekly Total: 67 miles

Week of December 29th:

12/29 Monday: 16 miles in two runs.  First, met up with Greg for a nice run in Burlingame (again!).  We hit up all the best single track.  11 miles in 1:19:20 with 544' of climbing.  Then a surprise double with Muddy in Ninigret Park in the afternoon.  5 miles in 37:52. 
12/30 Tuesday: CHS track workout alone.  My plan was 5x1000 at I pace and I was able to stick to it.  Cold morning - 26 degrees.  After a trail warm up and then 2 laps of strides I got to work.  My target was 3:20 (5:20 pace).  Results: 3:17/3:19/3:18/3:19/3:19.  Recovery was 3 minutes (600 meters).  Not easy, but felt pretty darn good.  Cool down on the trails. 
12/31 Wednesday: 10+ miles - Westbrook ME trails with Brett (first 3 miles).  Especially cold run with the temp in the low 20's and a biting wind.  We explored the new Stroudwater Trail extension that leads to the Smiling Hill XC Ski trails.  After 27 minutes I bid him adieu and continued south on the Stroudwater Trail.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I just love this trail.  I did an out-and-back (not all the way south) and then had to run two miles of roads back to Brett's house which I cruised along at 6:30 pace.  Great way to end the year.  Total time 1:17:58 with 444' of climbing. 
Weekly (3 days only) Total: 36 miles

December Total: 252 miles
2014 Total: 3,285 miles (PR!!)

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