Wednesday, January 7, 2015

End of 2014, Beginning of 2015

I'm beginning 2015 highly motivated.  There was definitely a lull after Li'l Rhody Runaround in November.  I'm finding time to update the blog a little challenging, but I am still running everyday.  Here were my goals entering 2014 and how I did:

Goals for 2014: 

I'm afraid that I won't achieve my potential at various road race distances because frankly I can't race all the time, and I love trail racing way too much when I can.  I'm pretty sure I could go sub 17 minutes in a 5K, but I need to run more of them.  I feel the same way about the sub 5 mile.  I'd love to put up a fast time at the 10 mile, half marathon, and marathon distances too.  Don't know if I will ever race these distances on roads though.  That's the reality for me.  Here are my specific goals:

Sub 5 minute mile - SUCCESS!  4:56 track time trial paced my Mike Galoob
Sub 17 minute 5K - NO - not really a fail since I only raced one - Super 5K in February.  I wanted to run a track 5K time trial after Li'l Rhody, but never did. 
PR at every repeat trail race - SUCCESS! (except for the snow races).  Happy with my Big River Half, Beavers 10M, Pisgah 23K, Nipmuck Maration, and LRR times. 
3:30 Nipmuck Trail Marathon - FAIL - I ended up 3:34, still a 4 minute PR.  I was on pace for 3:30, but my body was failing the second half. 
Run a spring marathon/50K in any format - FAIL
Win the Big River Half Marathon (unless my brother Greg races) - FAIL - but had a lot of fun trying!
WTAC team wins for 4th Season Series, Super 5K, Christmas 10K, etc. - SUCCESS! - WTAC is unstoppable on the local running scene.  Time to step it up to the NE scene? 
Run the full length of the Narragansett Trail - SUCCESS! - FKT with Muddy and Seth.  Awesome adventure I'd love to do again someday. 
Run a long RI adventure run (southern half NST, Sea to Summit, Rte 1, ??) - FAIL - I did a few longer southern RI trail runs, but nothing epic. 
Run at least one new Grand Tree or Mountain series race - SUCCESS - Mount Greylock Half Marathon.  This was a blast. 
Run 3000 miles - SUCCESS - completed by Thanksgiving, and a new PR of 3,285. 
Continue early morning group runs with my friends - SUCCESS! - lots of memorable ones. 
Keep having fun and stay healthy - SUCCESS!! 

Goals for 2015:

I'm approaching this year a bit zen-like.  I don't have any concrete goals in my mind for running.  I just love it and hope I continue to.  I'm not worried about chasing specific times for certain distances (at least at the moment).  However, writing this and seeing my goals from last year, has me thinking about a few:

Trails, Trails, Trails - I love racing on trails.  This is what I will continue to focus on.  Road races will be sprinkled in as they pop up.  Specific trail races will be my focus.  I hope to run Greylock again and try to incorporate at least one other Grand Tree or Mountain series race into my schedule.  I hope to keep PR'ing on the trail races I repeat, but I'm not counting on it, especially at Li'l Rhody.  I do want to cross the 1:40 threshold at Pisgah 23K and 3:30 at Nipmuck. 

Speed - I want to continue to push my aging body to its full potential, especially as I will be turning 40 this August.  I hope to continue speed training using Jack Daniels as my guide: R and I pace on the track and T pace on roads.  I also want to continue to mix in hills on easy days and for specific workouts.  Trail intervals will also be sprinkled in. 

Fun - continue to enjoy my daily runs. Occasionally, weather or life might temporarily dull my enthusiasm, but overall I should be having fun.  Keep finding new places, routes, and people to run with.  Continue to run with my friends and family.  Stay healthy!! 


  1. Great year Jonny! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2015.

  2. Monster year, Jonny, and I definitely like your approach to 2015!

  3. Awesome year, Jonny! Looking forward to 2015!