Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Log: 1-12-15 to 1-18-15

This was another good week of running.  I got in two long/workout combo days plus fun trail runs mixed in.  I feel like I'm working my body pretty hard, but it is handling it well.  I'm looking forward to racing in Ryan Park on February 7th. 

Monday: 8 miles - URI Indoor Track easy miles alone but ran into Derek J.  We arrived at the same time and I would have done his workout with him, but I knew I shouldn't the day after a race.  I alternated directions (and lanes) every two miles to keep things from being too stale.  Total time: 55:57. 

Tuesday: 0.  I had to stay in the office all day dealing with an audit.  One of the perks of my line of work. 

Wednesday: 17 miles total.  I went back to the indoor track for a workout this time: 3 x 2 miles with 2 minute rest @ T pace (5:52).  First I ran a 3 mile warm up outside which was cold and miserable.  Then I ran 4 laps inside mixing in some strides.  I then began the workout, keeping an eye on my watch every 100m to make sure I was staying on pace (22 seconds).  Doing the math (I also had to remember which lap I was on) kept me distracted.  The first one began a little too fast, but then I settled into the perfect pace.  The second and third repeats went well too, and I never felt like I was working hard.  My shins were sore immediately from all the pounding and turning.  I finished and then went back outside for three more cold miles.  Results: 11:31/11:39/11:38 (Target: 11:44). 
After work I had some time to kill before I went to see an author speak at my wife's library (RI mushroom hunting).  I ran in the fading light on the Quonset Bike Path for 4 miles.  I think it helped keep my tight legs stay loose.  Total time: 27:40.  Rather peppy.  Good day. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  The auditors were back, but things were going well so I felt comfortable leaving for my lunch run.  I did the usual Ryan Park routine of trying to hit up most of the fun trails, but in a different way.  About halfway through the light drizzle turned to a light snow.  It looked cool, but was annoying when the snowflakes were in your face.  Total time: 1:18. 

Friday: 11 miles - DuVal trails alone.  I left work early and did some running related shopping in Wakefield (socks and balaclava).  I then parked at the graveyard and ran in DuVal.  My legs were a bit tired and I worried about my motivation.  It was warm to start (41), but the cold front was blowing in and I felt a bit underdressed (it was 34 when I finished).  At some point on the other side of Gravelly Hill Rd I realized I was cranking along pretty well without paying attention.  I jogged down the dirt road at the far end and decided to run the long segment back at a good clip.  My plan was not to go all out on the ascents, but really work the descents and flats.  This was working rather well until I was running out of steam near the end.  I still finished with a 12:02 - good for a PR on this segment.  On a fresher day I should be even faster.  I cooled down on the other side and eventually made it back to my car in 1:23:34. 

Saturday: 20 miles - long trail run with 8 miles of marathon pace on roads mixed in with Muddy.  I was worried more about the weather than my fatigue going into this run.  I did opt for my new balaclava and was able to stay warm the entire time.  It was cold (11 degrees at the start, 16 at the finish).  We met at Meadowbrook Pond and then ran north through Carolina Mgmt Area.  My legs didn't feel that tired which I was happy about.  I still was dealing with a runny nose/hacking cough occasionally which was frustrating with the balaclava on.  We reached Kenyon Hill Rd and then began the MP work.  Our target was 6:12 pace, but given the conditions and our dress, Muddy said anywhere around 6:15 - 6:20 would be fine with him.  He is the one with the upcoming marathon, I just like doing the workouts.  We made our way down Rte 112 all the way to the Carter Preserve.  I didn't get into the right rhythm until after a mile or so.  Then it felt good, until the half mile hill near the elementary school.  At least we got to bomb down the other side to the finish.  We did the 5 miles in 31:15 (6:15 average pace, but the GAP was 6:11).  Perfect!  We then rambled around the trails of Carter.  Muddy was in the lead and moving faster than I would have chosen.  Still my legs were not feeling bad at all.  Finally, after 16 miles it was time for another 3 at MP.  I don't know what happened here, except that I guess I was fatigued.  At first I was going a little too fast, and then next thing I know, Muddy is pulling away from me and my pace and slowed down to 6:22.  I tried to push harder, but I couldn't shake my pace.  The three miles took forever.  Still no pain, I just couldn't go any faster.  I finished in 19:12 (6:23 pace) which I hope partly was a GPS error and it was really longer (wishful thinking).  We then hopped back into the frozen fields of Carolina and returned to our cars.  Total time: 2:19:48. 

Sunday: 7+ miles - Burlingame trails alone.  The ground was still frozen, but it was lightly raining and warming quickly (34 at the start, 46 at my finish less than an hour later!).  I ran around the north camp, mixed in some Sammy C's, and the new mtn bike trail.  I then ran a short loop further west.  My legs and endurance felt way better than anticipated based on the recent mileage I put in.  Total time: 56:29. 

Weekly Total: 73 miles
Last Week: 57 miles
Year to Date: 175 miles
January Total: 175 miles

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