Friday, December 11, 2015

Season's Craziness: Week of 12-7-15 to 12-13-15

It's the most busiest craziest time of year!  I'd love to take advantage of the great weather and run a ton this week, but too much going on.  Cheers! 

Monday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails.  Late afternoon start (3pm).  Didn't think a run would even happen, but a window opened up.  Felt pretty good to cruise around the park.  Total time: 1:07:55. 

Tuesday: 15 miles - local road loop from my house.  Day off from work with a bunch of stuff going on.  My time to run was in the morning.  Unfortunately that's when the rain began from a storm that was supposed to stay out to sea.  My legs were tired and motivation waning.  I managed to complete the full loop I had planned that included a lot of straight roads.  It wasn't fun.  I'd rather spend two hours in the woods, but this is shotgun hunting season and it is the time of year I just stay out of management areas.  I kept up a punchy pace, mostly to get out of the dreary weather and finish sooner.  My legs were pretty sore though.  Total time: 1:47:11 with 742' of climbing. 

Wednesday: 0 - instead of an afternoon run I had to wait for a washing machine delivery at the house.  Did plenty of pushups. 

Thursday: 16 miles - double!  I took advantage of the warm morning and ran 4 miles of roads from my house.  Out-and-back to Poquiant Brook.  Total time: 28:52 with 300' of elevation gain.  In the afternoon, I parked at Rome Point and did an out-and-back of Saunderstown side street hills.  It was muggy and 62 degrees.  I thought about ditching my shirt, but there was a decent breeze.  11 hill climbs in total!  I was keeping the pace easy, except working a bit harder on the hills.  Nothing crazy, but I ended up bagging a lot of elevation - 1,606'!!  Total time: 1:28:55 - 7:23 ave. pace, 7:05 GAP.  I wasn't considering this a workout, but I'm reconsidering.  Good run. 

Friday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails.  Typical recovery run that starts out terrible, continues to not be fun, and then perks up after a few miles.  My body feels pretty beat from yesterday.  Better call it a workout.  Total time: 1:12:43.  Really awesome weather. 

Saturday:  5 miles - Karate class run.  No workout this time.  Way too tired.  Found my way onto parts of the old Pumpkins 5K route.  7:21 ave. pace.  Run wasn't quite 5 miles, but then met up with friends for a long walk (for the kids) on Napatree Point.  It was rather warm and of course all the kids got wet.  They couldn't resist playing in the ocean.  I barely was able to not do it myself. 

Napatree Point hike. 
Taking a break at the halfway point. 

Sunday: 18 miles - long Burlingame out and back alone.  I couldn't meet up with Seth and Muddy so I had to do this run alone.  Out and back from my house to the Kettle Pond Center.  A little over 2 miles of pavement at the beginning and end, the rest was all trails.  I felt like I was moving really well for most of this.  Feet got tired the last few miles.  Trails in great shape and good running weather.  Total time: 2:14:42. 

Overall: Well I ended up with a lot of miles this week.  Basically piled them on in the 3 days.  It felt good to step up the volume. 

Weekly Total: 72 miles
Last Week: 58 miles
Year to Date: 3343 miles
December to Date: 120 miles

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  1. Yeah, it really looks like you're struggling to get in the miles! ;)