Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Day three of the rainstorm here. Tuesday the conditions weren't bad, but my body was too tired from the previous two days to drag myself out and run. Wednesday was miserable out - lots of rain and wind - the streets and trails would be a mess, so I took another zero. The combination of the weather and not running for a couple of days really has taken a toll on me mentally. I need to get out today on my lunch break. The forecast is for heavy rains to move in and then ridiculous winds to follow this afternoon. My plan is to say (insert Major League reference here), and either do a long run similar to last week, or do a fast 3 miles. Then I'll return to my office sopping wet, people will look at me crazy, and I'll drink some coffee and prepare myself for my cross training workout tonight - slapping the double bass at band practice.

UPDATE: I ran the 12.5 mile course I did last week and did it in 1:33:29. This was over a minute faster than last time. My pace was 7:28. Not too much rain at first, started as drizzle, then ended as a steady rain. Besides wet feet, I felt pretty good throughout.


  1. Tony, you're an animal...a relaxed 12.5 over trails in crappy conditions at 7:28 pace...Don't think I could handle a Saturday with you. Still want to try though....Call me!!!

  2. I've seen your recent races - I know you're in awesome shape! Maybe this upcoming weekeing will work out.