Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

After two gorgeous February days in a row, today we are getting a snow storm. It started early enough so that I didn't go into work. I already had Thursday and Friday off so now I will have a 6 day weekend. Kind of crazy.
Monday I ran the 7 mile Ryan Park loop with my coworker. We started a little slow, but then picked up the pace and finished in 51 minutes. Tuesday we ran the same course, but added 2 extra miles to make it 9. It was sunny and warm - 42 degrees - and the trails were filled with dogs, horses, and humans. Usually I would be a little annoyed with all the stopping, but this day we were just out for an easy long run. We ran it in 1:09.
So, my hope is to run tomorrow afternoon, but I might be stuck doing roads. We'll see. Today I hoped to hike in our woods with the family and maybe make a snowman. Oh, and I guess I'll be doing a lot of shovelling....

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