Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Log 10-25-10 to 10-31-10

Monday: 7 miles - Rome Point trails (with Brad) & Wickford roads (solo).  A nice relaxing run on my lunch break - 53 minutes. 

Tuesday: 13 miles - Ryan Park trails (7 mile loop) plus 6 miles roads (to/from the park) alone.  I haven't done this run in awhile, and I'm glad I chose it.  My legs felt tight at the start, and I didn't have a good gauge on how this run would go.  My first three miles (roads) came in at 7:25 pace.  I picked it up a little in the woods.  The footing was a little tricky in my road shoes and with the fallen leaves.  My 7 mile trail split was just under 51 minutes.  I felt particularly strong on the last 3 road miles - I think my body is now used this distance - finishing up in 20 minutes flat (6:20 final mile).  Total time: 1:33:40. 

Wednesday: 8 miles - Wickford roads alone.  A nice late afternoon run.  My body seems to recover quicker now.  My pace was faster than I anticipated, and I was feeling good, so I picked up the last 4 miles trying to get under 7 minute pace average for the run.  I missed it - total time 56:19 - but it was fun trying. 

Thursday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  I wasn't sure if I would run today - I felt tired (physically and mentally).  I couldn't resist the warm sunny weather so I decided to run as slowly as I care to go.  I left my watch in the car and trotted along.  I really enjoyed myself out there.  My plan is do something similar tomorrow and then rest Saturday.  Sunday, I'm registered for a 5K.  Time to get 19 minutes.... 

Friday: 8 miles - Rome Point trails (some beach) with Dan.  A good day for a run!  My body feels refreshed and ready to rock on Sunday. 

Saturday: 0

Sunday: 5K - Jamestown Jack-O-Lantern Jog - 19:33.  New PR by 39 seconds!  More on this later. 

Weekly Total: 47 miles
Last Week: 52 miles
Year to Date: 1,092 miles


  1. Jesus Christ, Jonny!!! You are a GD animal!! I'm predicting a 54:30 for you for Lil' Rhody!!

    With training like you've been putting in the last few weeks you could run that "shitty little trail run" in your sleep!!! :)

    Great job!!!!!

  2. I think if I ran a 54:30 I would retire from running! I'm hoping I can get under 56, but I'm never as fast as I want to be on that course.

  3. Nice running, Jonny! Two good weeks in a row. Good idea leaving your watch at home for your easy runs.