Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Breaking the Record Again

It was a perfect day for running on Monday.  I went alone to Ryan Park excited to run in the cool and overcast 60 degree weather.  My plan was to run 9 miles at a good pace.  I ammended my plan as soon as I began, and decided to go for a PR (and the CR) .  It was windy in the fields, but I was distracted by the number of plants still flowering at this time of year.  I checked my watch after two miles and wasn't too sure if I was going fast enough to break the record.  My body felt mostly recovered from running on Sunday and chopping wood on Saturday, but maybe it wasn't in tip top shape.  I was enjoying the empty woods and focusing on my footing as newly fallen leaves covered up rocks and roots.  After another check of my watch about half way in, I felt better about my chances.  I kept pushing myself.  After 6 miles, I brought my pace up to the point where my chest hurt.  My legs felt fresh, but not my lungs.  Usually, it's the other way for me.  At 7 miles I was right at my PR time for that distance (on this course).  I finished up the last two miles in the fields and clocked in at 58:25.  A new PR and CR by 1 minute and 20 seconds.  What I was excited about was how hard I pushed myself - my 5K pace, but on trails and 3 times the distance.  I have a lot more confidence on meeting my goal for Lil' Rhody!

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