Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Log 11-1-10 to 11-7-10

Monday: 0 - couldn't get out of the office - dealing with a sales tax audit.  Stressed and anxious! 

Tuesday: 12 miles - Gravelly Hill trails (2x6 mile out and back course) alone.  I needed this run.  I've mentioned before how hilly this run is and doing it twice was awesome.  Colder and darker out there than I expected.  I pushed it pretty hard.  My 3 mile splits: 21:13/22:08/22:39/22:03 - total time 1:28:03. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  This was an untimed lazy run.  I planned to do 9 miles, but I was happy to get 7.   Feeling tired and weird - temporarily quit caffeine to get my anxiety under control.  I miss coffee! 

Thursday: 0 - rainy day.  My body is still sore from Tuesday's run and it felt good to rest.  I did get in a good 1.5 hours of bass slappin' at band practice. 

Friday:  14 miles - Ryan Park trails (2x7 mile course) alone.  Decent weather and no humans.  Felt nice and easy until last mile or so, then I pushed it to the finish.  Total time 1:44:37. 

Saturday: 0 - family trip to Maine.  Lots of backyard football though. 

Sunday: 7 miles - Shumunkanuc Hill roads alone in the morning.  A nice brisk run on the hilly roads around my house.  Hunters everywhere in Burlingame - I'll stay out of there until Lil' Rhody.  I pushed the pace, left the watch at home, and enjoyed every minute of this run.  I'm happy to get 40 miles despite the whacky week. 

Weekly Total: 40 miles
Last Week: 47 miles
Year to Date: 1,132 miles


  1. Thanks for continually making me feel like a giant pussy with my 4-7 mile standard runs :).... You're the man...Nice job, T-Money.

  2. Thanks Justin. I really love running in the fall. It keeps me motivated. I wouldn't worry about your training - you'll still beat me and set another PR at Lil' Rhody in a couple of weeks!