Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekly Log 11-22-10 to 11-28-10

Monday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  A nice untimed run the day after the Runaround.  Feeling surprisingly good. 

Tuesday: 4 miles - Rome Point trails with Dan, Brad, and JS.  Woke up a little more sore today.  We had a nice orange pack running through the woods.  Total time: 31:50. 

Wednesday: 15 miles - South County Bike Path (12 miles) and Tri-Pond Park trails (3 miles) alone.  I had a half day at work and planned to run errands in Wakefield.  I figured I would do the entire bike path and check out some side trails I had noticed before.  Although the temp was close to 50 at the start, the strong NW wind made things chilly.  I started in Peace Dale and got the annoying section out of the way first.  The trails were really fun.  I couldn't find a good map online, but there is a good one on the bike path.  I did a mile on the south side near California Jim's Pond.  Then, on the north side, I explored the other two ponds.  Lots of bridges and roots on this side.  Back on the bike path, I ran into the wind toward the Kingston train station.  Not too many people out there, but it was nice to see a few other hardy runners.  On the way back I was much warmer.  My lower legs (feet mostly) were tired and sore the last two miles, but I kept up my pace (mostly 7:15 to 7:20 miles).  Total time: 1:52. 

Thursday: 0 - I'm pretty sore - probably because of all the pavement the day before. 

Friday: 0 - family hike around Browning Mill Pond in Arcadia.  Bass slappin' at night. 

Saturday: 0 - why not at this point?  Saving it for Sunday. 

Sunday:  24 miles - Epic Arcadia trail run with Greg, Boj, and Justin.  Write up to follow.  Total time: 3 hrs 20 minutes of running. 
Weekly Total: 50 miles

Last Week: 27 miles
Year to Date: 1,259 miles


  1. i think i detected some implied nick cash on how you were expecting me to say ish. and are we gonna need headlamps the first hour on sunday? is sun is up that early?

  2. Hmmm. Should be light, but sun isn't up until 7ish. I'll bring my headlamp just in case.