Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Log 11-8-10 to 11-14-10

Monday: 0 - crappy weather day, couldn't get motivated to run.  Went and bought new Free Runs. 

Tuesday: 13 miles - Wickford roads (6.5 miles) to/from Rome Point trails (6.5 miles) with Dan.  It was nice to do a long run with someone else for a change.  Weather was decent enough, except when facing the wind.  Nice pace on the roads and in the woods.  I picked it up on the roads on the way back - covering the final 3.25 miles in 21:25.  Total time - 1:35:01. 

Wednesday: 10 miles - 6 x 800 (or more accurately .5 miles) on Quonset bike path with 3+ mile warm up and 3- mile cool down on Calf Pasture Point roads.  This was a fun but hard workout.  I mapped out a way to squeeze in 6 800's on the 2.3 mile bike path (one way) with .2 or .3 mile recovery jogs in between.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Strong tail wind for first 3 and head wind for last 3.  My results: 3:01/2:52/2:53/2:52/2:56/2:54 - total running time of 1:17:45. 

Thursday: 0 - legs are tired and told me not to run.  I did have an outrageous amount of energy today though.  I raked my front yard, played bass off and on all afternoon, and then 2.5 hours straight at band practice. 

Friday: 12 miles - Vin Gormley trail plus roads to/from with Pard.  I took today off to make a 4 day weekend and get a break from the craziness at work.  I met Pard at the trail near his house and we ran the Lil' Rhody course backwards at an easy pace.  Great weather - 40 degree start, 50 degree finish and sunny.  The course is in tremendous shape: no blowdowns, dry as a bone, even the leaves are getting packed down (oaks dropped them early this year).  Should be a fast one next Sunday, but remember "this is a TRAIL race". 

Saturday: 9 miles - Shumunkanuc Hill roads and Route 91 alone.  I pushed this early morning run.  My legs felt pretty good and I thought I would try to do a 7 mile 7 minute per mile run.  I was right on pace for the first two miles.  I was surprised at how cold I felt despite it being 40 degrees at my house when I left.  When I hit the 3 mile mark (I think) I was suddenly a minute off.  I'm not sure how that happened.  At 5 miles I was at 36:15.  Annoyed, I pushed the hilly Burdickville Rd hard, and then decided to keep running after 7 miles (50:20).  I added two hilly miles and finished up in 64:08.  My guess is that my legs were not at full strength, because the effort was there for a fast run.  I have to rest my legs later this week so that they are hungry for Lil' Rhody. 

Sunday: 6 miles - Shumunkanuc Hill roads solo.  I snuck this run in during the late afternoon.  My first mile was pretty fast, so I decided I would push it, and have this be my last hard workout before next Sunday's race.  This run was hard, but I was rewarded with a great time on a hilly out and back.  The course can be described as first mile more ups than downs, 2nd mile all down, 3rd mile all up then reverse direction.  My results: 6:44/6:32/6:52/6:26/7:10/6:10 Total time: 39:54 (6:39 pace).  This run was only topped by an awesome family hike with another family on the Long Pond Ell Pond trail earlier this afternoon.  The amount of green is stunning - hemlocks, mtn laurel, and giant rhododendrons.  Tricky terrain for the five five and unders, but no one got hurt and had a lot of fun.  I think the kids' favorite part was eating my homemade GORP.  Good week - 50 miles again - have to remind myself to take it slow this upcoming week....

Weekly Total: 50 miles
Last Week: 40 miles
Year to Date: 1,182 miles


  1. Good workout, Jonny. Sounds like you're ready to get on the track and take a crack at a fast mile. I wouldn't be shocked to see you run 5:40.

  2. Thanks guys! I had fun planning this out and doing it. I'm definitely still feeling it two days later.

  3. 2 things Tony:
    1. Nice week...Long/Ell Pond trails are some of my favorite hikes...some parts would be "unrunable".

    2. What the eff is "GORP"? Please advise. If I'm drunk enough, I'm sure I would eat it.

  4. Technically stands for "good ol' raisins and peanuts" - just homemade trail mix heavy on whole nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes chocalate chips (kids were selectively sorting for those).

    The trails are not only unrunable, but they were basically unhikeable for young kids - a little hairy is some places.

  5. 50 miles................. shit!