Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Log 4-11-11 to 4-17-11

Monday: 12 miles - Wickford roads 5M and Ryan Park trails 7M with Dan.  My hamstrings were still particularly sore from paintball on Saturday, and I wasn't planning on doing this many miles, but Dan talked me into it.  I let him dictate the pace, and I would occasionally fall behind when he surged the technical sections in the woods.  Nice weather (high 50's and cloudy), and lots of signs of spring in the neighborhoods (forsythia blooming everywhere).  My hamstrings felt tight the last few miles, but it was a nice run.  Total time: 1:31:51. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  I started a little early today, as I could see the rain coming on radar, and I ended up almost beating the downpour (missed by a half mile).  I picked a course that had four significant climbs and tried to run a good pace the entire time.  My legs were not feeling fresh, so this was a little more difficult than expected.  I was surprised by the challenge of running up Plum Point Road which parallels Route 138 (part of the Jamestown Bridge 10K course).  Total time: 65:15.

Wednesday: 0 - the window of light rain never materialized as I hoped.

Thursday: 10 miles - Quonset Bike Path 8x400 workout with Calf Pasture Point warm up and Allen Harbor cool down.  Awesome weather - couldn't wait to get out there today.  I ran my warm up at a pretty fast pace, and was surprised at how much sweat was pouring off my head and into my eyes.  My glasses kept sliding off my nose, so I ditched them before I began my workout.  I was able to map online where the first 400 meter mark would be, so I was eager to see if my guess last time of 85 seconds was accurate.  I did it in 86 seconds and I felt like I didn't give it my best.  My next 3 I ran for either 86 or 85 seconds (not knowing where 400 meters was), and felt like I was a few seconds ahead of the first one - maybe close to 80.  The last 4 were probably back to the 85 or 86.  At some point during the workout, I was wishing I brought water with me or had some in my car.  It's not winter anymore!  I had a good cool down, and my legs feel strong.  Total time: 75 minutes. 

Friday: 12 miles - Gravelly Hill trail out and back x2 with Dan.  I thought this would be a solo run, but Dan was able to join me.  I thought by how fast he was pushing the pace that he was only going to do the first out and back (6 miles), but was pleasantly surprised he wanted to do the next one with me too.  We took the second one a little slower (30 seconds per mile) and I was able to relax and enjoy this challenging single track.  It was great to run this trail again (first time since last November).  Laps: 21:40/21:34/23:13/22:53 Total time: 1:29:22

Saturday: 0 - nice hike in Fitzwilliam, NH with Sarah - Rhododendron State Park to Little Monadnock summit (1883 feet) and back.  Plenty of cross training dancing and chromium replacing later at Joel's wedding. 

Sunday: 1 mile - Ninigret Park bike loop with my son.  Jackson and I headed down to Ninigret after dinner for a bike ride (for him - jog for me).  He was hoping for two laps of this 1 mile course, but he got discouraged by a horrible wind that looked like it could knock him off his bike at times.  He made me run when the wind was at his back, as he let it push him along probably too quickly.  He was done after one. 

Overall: Fun week of running and non-running activities.  Four high quality runs.  Apparently the Jamestown Bridge 10K registration filled up early, so I won't be doing that race next Saturday.  My new plan is to do this trail 10K in May.  Better register early this time! 

This Week: 44 miles
Last Week: 41 miles
Year to Date: 606 miles

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