Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Log 4-4-11 to 4-10-11

Monday: 8 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  A day after my disappointing 5K, I wanted to move on to train for my next possible race - the Jamestown Bridge 10K.  The course is described as having "three big climbs".  I parked at the race start and then ran my own course with three big climbs.  My legs felt really good despite "racing" the day before, and the first three downhill and flat miles were low 7's.  The first hill was the biggest - Gilbert Stuart Road - and my thighs were burning near the top.  Going back down felt even harder though.  The next hill is long and gradual - Snuff Mill Road.  No problems here, creepy guy walking erratically excluded.  Reaching 1A, I headed south to Cottrell Road - a screaming descent that again worked my legs.  Working my way north, I encountered a loose German Sheppard in the middle of the road.  I figured it was friendly, but I stopped, talked gently, and tip-toed past it.  The final climb was up Plum Beach Road.  Not quite as big as Gilbert Stuart Road, it is consistently steep and challenging.  I returned to my car for a total time of 58:43. 

Tuesday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails with Brad.  Warm, gray, and windy today.  We ran the 5M woods section at a decent pace.  I felt really relaxed, and thinking back to the run, there are sections I don't even really remember doing.  I finished up the 2M fields section in which I dealt with the wind and then the rain.  Total time: 52:50. 

Wednesday: 10 miles - Quonset Bike Path and Calf Pasture Point roads and beach alone.  My legs were tight today, but I was excited to run in the sunny 56 degree weather (of course it was windy).  No workout today, but I thought I would push the pace on one mile going out and 2 miles coming back.  It didn't really work as I planned, because I was running every mile too fast.  I was up for this mental challenge, and ran my fast mile on the way out to the beach in 6:22, while running just over 7:00 the rest of the time.  The tide was pretty low, and I was able to find firm sand.  Not too much bird activity except for a few lingering brant and a new pair of greater black-backed gulls.  I kept a good pace on the beach and returned to the quiet paved paths.  I felt like I was running a little under 7 minute pace and then picked it up even more for my two mile tempo.  Unfortunately, I was running into a very stiff west wind, so I don't think my effort matched my times (6:45, 6:38).  I was really happy to finish up under 70 minutes (69:44) on a true 10 mile course (mapped online 9.98 miles) that included 2.5 miles on sand. 

Thursday: 9 miles - Rome Point trails with Dan.  A really nice day except for a strong wind on the bay.  We ran a comfortable pace and the tide allowed us to make it out to the bridge.  Total time: 66:42. 

Friday: 0 - half day of work, field trip with son, and travel to NH. 

Saturday: 7 miles - Pisgah trails with the Pisgah Twins.  I wasn't excited about the chilly, early start (26/6:30), but after drinking two cups of coffee, I was ready to go.  We had a nice run from Horseshoe to the Monadnock vista.  Glenn headed back from there, and Greg and I looped around - stopping at the Hubbard Hill vista - back to Horseshoe.  The trails were in rough shape with snow, mud, and downed trees.  It makes me feel spoiled running in RI - short winters!  Total time: 53:04.  Serious cross training later in the day with Joel's bachelor party crew.  Paintball was a blast, and we were fast and aggressive. 

Sunday: 0 - thought I might want to run in the early AM before driving home, but it didn't happen.  My hamstrings and glutes are sore from either the hills during my run in Pisgah, or more likely sprinting up the ridges in paintball. 

Overall: A fun week - hit my target mileage, improving weather, and a trip to NH.  Looking for a repeat next week. 

Weekly Total: 41 miles
Last Week: 37 miles
Year to Date: 562 miles


  1. Nice hill work (wed.) Jonny!! You should've dove in at Filbert's for some herring!!

  2. Jonny nice week and nice race on Sunday. You know you're training well when you are disappointed with a p.r.! Keep racing and training your times will come down.