Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Log 4-18-11 to 4-24-11

Monday: 8 miles - Ryan Park trails with Brad.  A fantastic spring day - 60 degrees and sunny.  We took it easy through the woods and I finished up by running the fields plus some extra trail work to get 8 in.  Total time: 62:53. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Rome Point trails with Greg.  My bro was down to celebrate our dad's birthday, and he also got to take advantage of some fast and dry Rhody trails.  We had a great run weaving through Rome Point and running the shoreline out to the bridge and back.  It was a nice fast pace, but not taxing for me, except when we pushed hard up the hill.  We stopped briefly to watch 3 deer be chased by some fast dogs.  Total time: 61:28. 

Wednesday: 8 miles - Calf Pasture Point roads, trails, and beach alone.  My body felt stressed and tight and I needed coffee before heading out for my run.  I took it slow, and stopped frequently to smell the roses (I couldn't smell them because they stuffed up my nose).  I wandered around to make sure I wasn't missing any hidden gem side trails (I wasn't).  My right calf felt sore, but I just kept running, guessing it wasn't a big deal.  Total time about 64 minutes. 

Thursday: 13 miles - Semi-Epic Pachaug/Arcadia trail run with Boj and Matty P.  Separate write up to follow.  Total time: 1:40. 

Friday: 0 - didn't get the chance to run during the day - tired anyway. 

Saturday: 0

Sunday: 4 miles - Hilly House Loop (3.67 miles) solo with trail cooldown with my kids.  I haven't run this loop in about a year.  My best time was 24:51 on this course.  There's a killer 1 mile climb near the end that always slows me down.  I wanted to see how I've improved in the last year, so I gave it a good effort.  My first mile was 6:06 and I was still on that pace at the second mile mark (not knowing exactly where it was).  There are some decent hills the first two miles, so I felt good about my time.  Beginning the one mile climb, I could feel myself slowing down, and I was losing the mental battle.  I finished up in 23:43 - 6:27 pace.  I was hoping to be a little faster pace-wise, but it did give me the confidence that I could string together 3.1 miles at 6:06 on a flat course to reach my goal of sub 19 minutes. 

Overall:  It's always a fun week when the Keenyans are in town on school vacation.  Great weather.  I  could have hit 50 miles if I was able to figure out when I could have run on Friday.  Oh well. 
This Week: 42 miles
Last Week: 44 miles
Year to Date: 648 miles

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