Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Log 4-25-11 to 5-1-11

Monday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  Warm day - low 70's and muggy.  We kept a consistent easy pace and then picked it up a tad on the last two.  My body was sore from the hard run on Sunday, so I let Dan dictate the pace.  The added benefit of this was that he took out the majority of the gnats around the pond.  Total time: 68:17. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  Another scorcher today - 72 degrees and sunny, except when I reached the bay, which was 15 degrees cooler.  My expectation was to go easy and "enjoy" the big climbs.  I felt that I was working harder than I wanted to because of the heat, but my splits weren't too shabby, so I kept it up.  25 minutes in I had a calf cramp in the same one that has been off and on sore for the last week.  I was a little nervous, and 3 miles from my car.  I stretched and then began running again.  Within minutes I was back to normal, and my calf just felt slightly sore at times.  I went on and climbed the Gilbert Stuart Rd, Snuff Mill Rd, and Plum Beach Rd hills without incident.  Total time: 67:04. 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Rome Point trails solo.  Wow.  I had an exceptional run out of the blue today.  I was expecting to do a speed workout with Dan, but then he got swamped with work, so I was going to do a workout alone.  When it was time to go, I changed my mind and drove to Rome Point, as the day dreaming of running the trails of the upcoming Shad Bloom Trail 10K caught up to me.  My body felt tight after yesterday's hills, and my only goal was to feel good enough to get in 9 miles (tide willing).  I headed out on this gray day and got to work.  Right away, I was surprised at how good I felt, and even my calf issue was non-existent.  I felt that I was running well, but not overdoing it.  I checked my watch at the point, and couldn't believe the 8:42 it read - by far my fastest time.  I can't resist the possibility of a PR, so the race was on!  I now knew I was going fast and I didn't want to let up, but I didn't feel as though I was rushing or going too hard.  At the base of the single track hill, I checked my time and was sub 22 minutes - again my fastest split.  At the beach, I had trouble finding firm sand, and I faced a stiff headwind on my way out to the bridge.  Turning around, I could feel the wind helping me glide over the sand and rocks back to the trail.  I then pushed up the single track hill, and felt if I could give it a good effort, the last two or so miles would be easy.  I did just that, and finished up in 57:53 - 6:25 pace - a PR by a couple of minutes. 
I feel that this could be turning point for my running.  Without rested legs, without a really hard effort, I was able to run fast.  This run may have given me the confidence to do what I need to do on Block Island in a couple of weeks! 

Thursday: 5 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  The weather was dreary, my legs were dead tired, and I wasn't enjoying running today.  Total time: 39:46. 

Friday: 11 miles - Calf Pasture Point roads, trails, and beach plus Quonset Bike Path solo.  My body felt alot better today, and I was able to get a decently long run in.  Gorgeous weather - 72 and sunny.  There were quite a few more people out today than normal.  Very windy on the beach - sand was stinging my body on the way out and I felt like I was running in place at times.  Pretty good effort.  Total time: 1:22:43. 

Saturday: 0

Sunday: 5 miles - Burlingame trails 4+ M in 29 flat with cooldown on my property trails.  A quick late run (out the door at 7:05PM).  I was sub 7 minutes I think for this run.  This was mostly because running at dusk seemed like prime time to be surprise attacked by a cougar.  Hills are feeling a lot easier. 

Overall:  Great week.  I didn't do a workout, but had some nice efforts Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday.  I'm planning on more hills and trails this coming week and then taper the following week for the trail race. 

Weekly Total: 48 miles
Last Week: 42 miles
Year to Date: 696 miles


  1. Great run on Wednesday. You'll do great on the Block in a few weeks!!!

  2. Block Island! Sounds awesome. Bring your rod for some linesiders afterwords. Ditto what Muddy said.

  3. Thanks guys. Glenn, I'm registered for a 10K trail race on 5/14 - can't wait!